February 1st, 2004

colors of the rain [do not take]

More Iconage!

I've decided to put up all the icons I made today and some time ago. Most of them look bleargh anyway.

Remember comment and credit _metamorphic or _facade in keywords.

Icon Count: 54

Anime (and Games)
x2 - Dark [DN Angel]
x1 - Locke [FF6]
x3 - Kyou [Fruits Basket]
x2 - Izumi [Full Moon wo Sagshite]
x2 - Ryuichi [Gravitation]
x1 - Sasame [Pretear]
x1 - Tezuka (Prince of Tennis)
x1 - Musica [Rave]
x1 - Haru [Rave]
x2 - Elie [Rave]
x4 - Battousai [Rurouni Kenshin]
x1 - Tomoe [Rurouni Kenshin]
x1 - Robin [Witch Hunter Robin]
x3 - Fuuma [X/1999]
x1 - FummaxKamui [X/1999]
x3 - Muraki [Yami no Matsuei]
x1 - MurakixTsuzuki [Yami no Matsuei]

x2 - Peter Pan
x2 - Draco Malfoy [Harry Potter]
x14 - Gackt

And on with the rest.Collapse )

Edit: Due to copyright laws/reasons, I removed the TeniMyu ones and placed them under 'friends only' mode. If you want to see them, add me as a friend and place a comment stating that you want to see the TeniMyu icons. o_0; Thank you.
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