tragic.princess (_messy) wrote,

LJ Idol Week 7 - Bupkis

I have a newborn. No, not a baby, but a puppy. A beautiful puppy who is currently snoring in my lap. I had puppies when I was little, but they were never completely my responsibility. Max is all mine, and I'm not sure I'm ready.

Ready for what, you ask? Puppies sleep, eat, play and poop. Constantly. And Max is so adorable that I could watch her sleep, eat and play all day. Although I could do without the poop. What I'm not ready for is the feeling of not being able to do anything in some situations. Sometimes, there is nothing I can do to make her do what I want her to do. Why? Because she's a puppy, and puppies do what puppies want.

I want her to eat dinner, she doesn't want to eat dinner. What can I do? Nothing. She doesn't understand that I need her to eat dinner so she can play for a few hours before tiring herself out enough to go bed (and allow me some much needed sleep!)

I want her to pee before bed, she doesn't want to pee before bed. She wants to pee at one am, when I'm nice and snug in my bed. What can I do? I can stand outside with her until the sun comes up, but if she doesn't want to pee, I can't make her pee.

I want her to stop crying and go back to sleep, but she won't. Here, I do have options. Finally there is something I can do! Unfortunately both the options suck. I can take her out of her crate and give her cuddles, or I can do nothing and let her cry herself to sleep. I choose do to nothing so that I teach her good habits. Crying = no cuddles. No crying = cuddles!

It's hard, but sometimes doing nothing really is the right choice. Eventually her little belly will rumble, and her bladder will get the better of her. Then she will eat and she will pee although hopefully not at the same time.

Ok, maybe once I gave in and cuddled her when she was crying. But we can't always do nothing!

And how can you say no to this face?

Tags: lj idol season 8

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