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well, otis has been somme fucking trip. my friends and i schedule out which days we will do which homework, and that is our social life.

we are all somewhat sleep deprived, getting lotsa homework, doing badly in art assignments...the days of high school art grading is over - your teacher analyze everything down to the last dot. i got my first zero yesterday, and i have to do over some of a project this week. i'm learning a lot, but the projects are not a very good start...the sad thing is it's just about the same story for everyone in our class.

so this is art school.

kill me now.

(not really please i like living and being alive)
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so now that i'll be going to college, i've got about a year to decide what to do. i'm torn between digital media and toy design. on the one hand digital media has endless possibilities, and on the other, toy design just looks like so much fucking fun i wanna tear my eyes out! but a future in toy design seems a little bit more difficult, and digital media is more apt to the kind of design aesthetic i have.

if i can keep up a 3.0, i can do an interdisciplinary study basically major in digital media, minor in toy design. that's my current plan i think..

the countdown

so yesterday was my last day at victoria's secret. it makes me sad to leave my first job, but, well, i haven't had a vacation yet. so i've gotta take back 2 months of stuff to do in 1 week. i gotta go get my license, hopefully get the job at giant robot, set up my workstation, and a bunch of other crap.

i start otis in 9 days. holy shit.

this is it school.
gloomy fight

waiting for marianne to bring me costco pizza right now

yesterday was a lot of fun..i decided to study the masters so i went to borders to check out some art books and study da vinci's way of drawing. all in all a very nice and enlightening experience. then when wilson got out of work we went to hooters with his friend laury. laury and i bonded over surgical procedures and labyrinth.

i have to say, hooters was pretty disappointing. the food wasn't all that great and the bathrooms were pretty ghetto. lol

but it was funny seeing wilson buzzed from 3 coronas. he was all pink in the face..hahahaha.

just one more time..and then i swear i'll shutup about it!

i'm having an immense art craving right now. and i don't mean just browsing the internet for interesting artists. i mean i actually want to be with all my artists friends and look at their art and their sketchbooks and digital design and everything and make art with my i miss all my art friends SO much..

*sigh* oh and dongyi - update your art site man!!! it's been ages since there was anything new in there!

i'm elliott collected our sketchbooks for the weekend so i can't draw in it. i have like 3 more sketchbooks though so i'm good to go, but it's just not the same..i heard he showed my sketchbook to his other classes though. it's kind of embarassing because i have all these little things pasted inside of it and scribbled and my to-do list is in there and stuff...ahhh...

i has intended on spending today at the promenade doing some life drawing but shit didn't really work out cuz i didn't wanna go by myself in the cold. but tomorrow definetely i will. i have until my birthday in january to turn my character animation portfolio in so i have to really really really get my ass in gear. i must get into calarts...i MUST.

so far this art craving hasn't gone away though. there's no new stuff of any of my art friends to look at. please share??
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wow. it feels like forever since i've last posted...

my pc died and so i'm on marianne's laptop right now. i don't really care that my pc died because all my data is on an external harddrive this computer is 10x newer than the pc so having the internet connected to it allows me to watch videos and such which i can't do on the pc because the video card is super shitty.

um, so what's been up since then? uhhhh i finally got that fucking fee waiver. yeah bitch, yeah.

and i am about to embark on the greatest project ever...


i am so genius.
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i'm still in my digital media's really cool. i'm learning...

photoshop and imageready
adobe illustrator

it's pretty cool. if anybody wants to see my shitty test page. which will eventually have some actual content, go to

my other classes are cool drawing class is really spacey and design is media is good and geeky and this weekend i have printmaking and sculpture so i hafta still wait for that!

i checked out 2 animation books from the library and went to the calarts store and got a calarts tshirt and 2 drafting roommates are anabel and 2 girls in dance, they're cool...we listen to tom waits and psychobilly all day on a stereo me and anabel bought and plan to return in about 20 days with our "30 day money back guarantee" return policy...MUAHAHAH

valencia marketplace and plaza has like everything i could ever possibly imagine i would need. so huge!! um the cafeteria food is ok, i am fed better here than at home, lol. i've made so many friends i can hardly keep track of names, it's awesome. there are a lot of really amazing students and faculty. i cut anabel's hair last night, it looks even for the most part. i'm surprised.

but our door is squeaky and our A/C is on crack - it's been on nonstop for like 5 days now. well at least our room never gets hot...