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umm, so fuck you liver. just fuck you.

i'm only 18, and i don't drink that much or do anything to hard on my liver, why is it that it's really fucked and in trouble right now?

i blame school stress for this.

i'll find out my next set of test results and blood work tomorrow morning, it's horrible as i learned today, being woken by the phone then while still half asleep being told to get to see the doc as fast as possible due to something wrong with my blood work.

god fucking damnit. i'm scared as fuck. i really hope its nothing.
so i havn't updated in a while. i'm so so busy with school. 3 exams left then i shall be done! :D:D:D

lenny's bday and our 2 months is on the 18. me and his friend kaylie are having a dinner party for him, and inviting pretty much all his friends. it's going to be alot of fun!! so far we'v made two different facebook events. i'm excited, i'v never planned a birthday party or anything for a boyfriend.

anyways back to studing for my monday exams.
Today would have been your 34th birthday.

I miss you just as much as i did two years ago when you died, maybe even more.

Happy birthday Cognac!

On another note, Happy Birthday Sascha!

Feb. 19th, 2007

So ya....

Today I

went to a movie and coffee with lenny
lenny asked me out :D:D:D:D
bought dazed and confused
and now i'm watching little miss sunshine. best fucking movie ever! <3<3<3

Feb. 12th, 2007

i think i'm going a little insane..............

i kinda like it
fucking school. stresses me out. i'v become all bitchy and shit, and lose my mind over small nothingness. Glkjf lkjsth:SHLK THJFJKSLTHAW:LJE lkjzfhlfhadl;krjesa. i think i have a stomich aulser.

I have an inclass Utopia essay tomorrow. Not a clue what I'm doing it on. Puls like 5 projects and a shitload of homework.
i am now 100% free of milk. i'v given it up compleatly. i went out and got a shit load for soy milk :D:D:D. i'v just gotten to the point where i'm fully going vegan. i <3 it. i <3 vegan brownies, they taste sooo good. anyways. kfc protest sunday, clothing exchange sunday after that. i'm excited! vegan potluck today and animal rights semniar yesterday :) i feel happy. lol

Jan. 18th, 2007

Do you have the following in your bedroom:

Condoms: yes.
Chair/stool: yes.
Book shelf: yes.
Dresser: yes.
Computer/laptop: yes.
Bean bag: nope.
Pictures: yes.
Mirror: yes.
Skateboard: nope.
Bed: yep.
Clothes on the floor: yes lol.
Snowboard: no.
Smoke detector: no.
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: nope.
Water bottle: yep.
Blacklight: no?
Medals/ribbons:yep, horse shows.
Awards: horse shows.
CDs: yes.
Flag: nope.
Stop sign/any sign: nope.
skateboarding sign: nope.
Paintball/Airsoft gun: nope.
Real Gun: nope.
Cigarettes: no.
Alcohol: yep.
Nintendo: no, lol.
Playstation: nope.
Stereo: yes.
Lighter: yep.
Gum: nope.

How many windows do you have in your room?
One. it's small.

What color are your walls?
yellow and white

What color is your bed sheet?
white with flowers

How long have you been in that room?
1 1/2 years.

Has the opposite sex been in your room before?
haha, of course.

Has the opposite sex been on your bed?

Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you?
toby sometimes does, when he wants more bed space.
so me and don broke up. agian.
he seems to think that we have far tom many differences. that he doesn't seem to be able to handle working them out.
that's ok, we're friends. i'll live. i think i'm still in shock.
i love him though so its going to be sad. 4 months :(
oh well, i'm to busy with school, to have a real relationship.
off to sleep.


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