To Do List 08

-find a 4 year school to transfer to nah, but I do finally have it all figured out. Staying at OCC for the rest of my college career. That's ok thought, OCC isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
-work at the ice rink after the b-w is done in november check
-maybe take a winter class fat chance
-go to an NBA game
-beat final fantasy 5
-record music
-buy a turntable
-visit ramapo again
-visit arcadia
-play golf again failed, its too cold out now.
-don't let my bank account get below $3,000

rollover from the list '07
-do good in school A A A A B+ wooooo
-make a movie off the list

oh yeah, i decided i want to be a sign language interpreter. it might be difficult since i'm in my third semester and am just now taking basic intro to sign language, but i don't care. its the first thing i've ever found that i really like and can make a career out of. i think it might be my calling, it just took a while.


long time no update

hey! life is sweet. i dropped history and its the greatest relief in the world. I quit pathmark and thats the second greatest relief in the world. I'm back at the super-dope boardwalk for my 3rd year and its great. OH! i'm moving out of my house in 9 days. and also i have a super-dominant girlfriend. grand theft auto 4 makes me poo a brick and i cant wait for the new he is legend.

the bad news is that i'm sick for the first time since like, 7th grade. i think its the flu and i've spent 19 of the last 21 hours in bed and i'm still tired as shit. thank god for simpsons dvd commentaries. i have most papers to write by tuesday so this outta be a good chance to get some of that done.

ANYWAYYYYYY i called out sick from work today for the first time ever and tomorrow will be my first legitimate sick day from school sinceeeee i  crashed my car probably.

due to the insane success of my last to do list, i'm going to do another, really long term one. not now, but soon.

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-Do good at school
-finally finish fixing my guitar  done, took 6 months and 170 bucks, but it would have been like, $350 new
-start a band with brad
-play more x-box maybe this was a bad goal, i've stopped doing homework
-buy rock band got it!
-play dungeons and dragons done
-get the girl
-make at least one movie on our list
-get a winter job for when the board walk is done PATHMARK BABY
-delete my myspace this was a dumb goal. not happening.
-hang with my buddies like, 10 days in a row now, im counting this one as done
-hang with my family sure!
-get more sleep plenty
-decide what i want to do with my life
-write that letter
-do that puzzle

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why i wasn't in school today:

its totalled, shit

and for the good news:

whos going to conneticuit with me on new years eve?
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basically everything is good. everything is great with ash-masta. work is cool, some retarded dude pissed his pants in front of me the other day. some other guy asked me where he could find some weed. seaside was fun, tons of parties and chillin.

so saturday my mom decided out of nowhere to get me a kitten. introducing: night panther optimus neral

she's mad cute eh?
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ok so today me and ashlee hung out after school and talked every last thing over. we decided to keep going out and actually work problems out. i basically just over reacted the hell out of myself yesterday. my bad! whatever, im happy as hell now.

im gonna start updating this thing regularly again. i haven't had a real update since the thursday show. shit!

guys night is saturday into sunday. everybody bring your beef jerkey and nutsacks and show up at my house for a night full of manliness. we're gonna rock out, pig out, jam out, and uh, video game out. then we're all gonna fuck! so show up if your invited. and if not invited, i hear huge fucking vagina night is taking place up your butt and around the corner.
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