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Mens Rea

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Life's little foibles Apr. 20th, 2007 @ 11:56 pm
Why is it flight delays only happen at 2 in the morning when all you want to do is sleep ?
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Thought for the Day Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 08:32 am
Everyone has the right to be stupid, it's a shame some people abuse the privilege.

Yes, cryptic. No, not explaining it.
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Current Music: James Blunt - No Bravery

Lost and confused Aug. 20th, 2005 @ 09:15 pm
Can anyone tell me why ...

Parcels arrive for me from all over the world, DVD's from the US and Europe, work related stuff from China for christ sakes - all of which arrives within a week, if not a couple of days.

So why does Royal Mail manage to loose two consecutive documents sent from barely 20 miles down the road from me ? To add insult to injury, the second parcel is the replacement for the first missing one and i don't think the company beleived me this afternoon when i phoned up to ask where it was. It would have been quicker, cheaper and less hassle to drive over there and collect it!

Roll on January when they loose their Royal Charter monopoly !

Nikolaj on DVD! Aug. 7th, 2005 @ 10:29 pm
The things i do when i get fixated on an actor ! Buying up all the Bana / Bean films in the world seems like childs-play in retrospect.

I may have just aquired Vildspor ( which probably means nothing to half my friends list ) but the reviews together with the idea of Mads Mikkelson and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau in the same film just drove me to it. I'll beleive it when i have the article in my sticky mits - I do not speak Danish , so ordering a DVD from a danish language site was a bit of an interesting exercise. I seem to have email confirmation of my order however so ...

If it arrives (in about a week if i've translated / guessed the order and shipping instructions right) i'll cap the hell out of it and post to nikolaj_fans . I also noticed they have a number of other Nikolaj films in stock that i want to see ("Rembrandt", "Manden Bag Doren", "The good Cop" all with english subtitles), so after payday i may indulge. They also had some interesting looking Mads films.
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: Remy Zero - Golden Hum

I need a new laptop! Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 02:33 pm
*Looks around all a shifty like at flist* Yeah, umm, see above. I need a new laptop and i have no idea where to start. Anybody out there have any recs ? Any brands to avoid like the plague ?

It's not that my old laptop has died (it dies and is resurrected more times than the entire cast of stargate or the alien movies combined). It is a Dell, and anyone out there who has ever owned one will know they are great little machines - until they go wrong and you have to deal with Dell "customer support" (located in whichever non english speaking cheap labour country of choice is presently top of the list for call centres). Having recently had to order a new battery which turned into a 6 hour process over the phone and a 2 week wait for the wrong part to arrive ....i'm having second thoughts about using them again. It is currently functioning , but for how long is anybody's guess.

My main problem with the wretched thing is that it's still running ME. And more and more things just don't work with ME now. it's getting harder and harder to find new kit, software etc that actually runs on my OS.

I don't need bells and whistles but i do have a minimum spec in mind (i mainly use it for the internet, office applications, watching movies when travelling, hooking up my camera and mp3 player)- I've been told to avoid celeron processors (must be AMD, Pentium or centrino), and to look for 512RAM, 80GB hard disc min and a dual layer DVD multi drive. Must be wireless capable. I don't need a huge trunk sized thing with 17" or bigger LCD's and such but i would like a screen that doesn't kill your eyes if you watch a movie on the train etc.

.....and i've just realised i'm choosier than i thought.

Needless to say i'm fairly freaked by the idea of having to reinstall all my peripherals and get new drivers etc for printers, cameras etc, not to mention all the freeware i have currently that i'll need to find again. And, oh god, reinstalling Norton internet Security !!! I'm not sure it's worth the pain. Techie geek I am not.

Any brand or spec recommendations would be very welcome (along with any pitfalls to watch out for).
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: My Zen Micro on random shuffle!
Other entries
» Quiet Squee !
Okay, so i know i have the DVD and all ( well, more like three different copies of it ...) but Black Hawk Down is on TV this weekend. Sunday. 9PM. On channel 5. They never show any decent movies on that channel(point in case - i'm currently trying to ignore "Delta Force II" or some such b-movie shit). And I have to say - the tv trailer was kick-ass hot. Way better than the movie trailer.

Given my current fascination with BHD fic I think there is some odd Karma thing going on. Maybe i haven't been as bad as i thought lately and am being rewarded. Nods. Oh yeah.
» Not dead (Yet)!
Okay, so fly-by update just to prove to myself that there's life beyond lurkdom. I wish i had an excuse for the lack of activity in my journal. Truth is, life just ain't interesting enough to share just now ( I delude myself that it ever was)and beyond work there's just not enough hours in the day - but try telling my boss that !. Computer time is strictly regulated at the mo and i'm finding so much entertaining reading matter floating around just now I am rarely left with the time to think of anything interesting or witty to impose on my friends list. I just wanna go on record to say that surfing my "friends" page is keeping me sane outside work right now - i may not comment or feedback often but you guys do collectively rock and i salute you all.
» Computers - what did we do without them ? No, really ?
Norton f******* Internet Bl%$£££ Security 2005. Nothing but trouble since i installed it, reinstalled it, and again.....etc. * Sigh * Okay so it's probably me not the all powerful symantec. I've never professed to be particularly computer literate. I can make it look pretty and do most of what i want ( illusion over substance perhaps?) but I never tried to be too clever. I don't do much on the internet - I lurk mainly. So why, please tell me why, i have so many problems with NIS05 ! Maybe I need to update my laptop to something marginally faster than a donkey on prozac. Calm now ( despite six hours rebooting my whole flipping system).

Going to re-read all 24 current parts of shiny pretty Archer story now.... yeah that one that's sooo close to getting me into trouble at work. I both love and hate WIP's. Love 'em for having something to look forward to, hate 'em for reminding me so brutally just how impatient i am. Patience is not a virtue, it's penance for having no other virtues.
» (No Subject)
Okay, it's december 1st, christmas trees and santa's grottos (tacky garden shed affairs with plastic elves, cotton wool and polystyrene snow etc outside) are appearing everywhere, hideously ignorant of the fact christmas is still the best part of a month away. Appearing everywhere that is, except our local shopping centre (mall for the us folks on my flist). Their excuse....it would be offensive to the non christian communities in the city who do not celebrate christmas. What the @?*& ! Let us ignore for the moment that christmas trees etc are not actually part of the christian religious traditions of christmas itself and are actually a teutonic pagan addition to the holiday imported to england circa 1800 AD and these days little more than a crass commercialisation of the holiday designed to make us spend money on glittery tat (I'm a cynic, sue me!). Does this mean that we must also ignore all hindu, muslim, jewish religious festivals, ban chinese new year and fireworks or dawahli etc ? At what point do we become so concerned about "offending" minority groups that we ignore "majority" traditions and common sense and vice versa. I believe passionately in respect for ALL cultures and our respective traditions and values. Tolerance people. I also get extremely pissed off when a store / person / organisation trots out the "pc" message or excuse when the actual reason for not doing something is that they are too tight to actually spend the money on it.
» (No Subject)
LJ just ate a long rambling post about democracy week - i haven't got the umph to do it again so i'm just going to contemplate the empty space between my ears instead.

Oh yeah - it's democracy week in the UK - go out and get involved , bust your local councillors balls about something, anything, at least then you won't feel so guilty about being an apathetic bastard when it comes round to voting again.
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