Because I am far too lazy to type it all myself, this is Katie's post on ToC, that's what I did. ^.^ It was uber fun and my throat is STILL a little wonky.

One addition, though....if I never get the chance to see Zero smile at me like that again, or feel Yukke's arms around me....well...I'll die a happy woman. And if the chance DOES come again...."It's my birthday......" because that was a genius idea. Go Katie. Except it really WAS hers... ^.^ Peace.


So, apparently, all of that crap was just blown WAY out of proportion. So, I no longer care and this is the last bit of time I'm wasting on it.
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I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine who told me some VERY interesting things about Shayna.


Despite the fact that I try to avoid drama now-a-days, this is just ridiculous. Shayna (Marco's girlfriend) has been saying a bunch of shit about us. I refuse to repeat it here, but everyone should know that I am no longer speaking to her and any affiliation she had with anime club is henceforth no longer in existence.

And, Marco, none of us are "angry" with you. No one is avoiding you or not talking to you. YOU are the one who chose to leave our lunch table and never talk to US because you wanted to hang out with you underclassman girlfriend. So, don't go talking about how we're being bad friends, because YOU brought on the separation.

I don't talk to people who talk about me OR my friends behind my back.
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This weekend.

Friday was dull. Saturday I watched Something the Lord Made (Kick ASS Alan Rickman movie!)and then a bunch of horror movies. So, Katie and I went to the mall, which was fun. We went to HotTopic, who (once again) did not have my blue fishnet shirt and THEY HAD ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES OF CURE!!!!!!! It was wierd. So, neither of us got anything there. Then we went to Barnes and Noble, where I bought "Gothic and Lolita" and the third volume of Vampire Night. And we got yummy coffee. There was a cute nerdy guy reading a really dumb manga, but he distracted us, nonetheless. We went to Brenners where Katie was basically convinced to make her mom buy her her own prom dress, instead of altering her sister's (which isn't her style at ALL). And we looked around Penny's, where Katie bought a super cute shirt, and I refrained from buying super cute sweaters b/c I'm poor. But, then the mall was closing, so we went back to Barnes n' Noble, where we continued our tradition of buying each other presents. And Katie found this book that was ALL IN JAPANESE and I was like "random Japanese Jesus?" jokingly, but it was! It was a Japanese Bible (for SIXTY BUCKS!!! = crazy) so we spent who knows how long with Katie reading the Katakana and me making sense of the books (I remember the order of the books of the bible thanks to Japanese!) So, we did that and Katie bought an AMAZING book on Japanese fashion. Then we were gonna' see a movie, but ended up sitting outside the theatre, for, like, an hour, b/c we didn't know what to see. FINALLY, we drove around for a bit before deciding to go cosmic bowling at airport. It was fun, though I TOTALLY SUCK MAJOR ASS LIKE HOLY SHIT!! And I broke two nails, one so bad that I bled. But, APPARENTLY, I actually bowl better with my left hand than my right. And I made Katie bowl an entire game with he left hand because she's a MILLION times better than me. And we were gonna do our project but didn't cuz her pc wasn't working. Today I did nothing! And now I'm done typing. PEACE!
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My day...

I went to the hospital to see Jess today. FELIX DAMIEN IS NOW A PART OF OUR LIVES!! My beautiful "nephew" was born at 6:56 this morning at 22 inches long and 8pounds 4.4 ounces. He looks just like his mother! Gorgeous.

Also, I was supposed to go to Yabi, but that got cancelled. 'teva.

My just-turned-12 sister, who's not allowed on MySpace, got caught lying about having one, so my mom had me delete it (after reading all of her messages, which consisted of very colourful language). So,that was pretty funny.

I guess that's all. Peace.