IB DIPLOMA AWARDED!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! 28 OF 24 POINTS NEEDED FOR IT!! 6/7 ON ESPANOL!!!!!!!!!! I am dyin! JESUS! AWESOME! WIN!!!!!!! And Katie made 32 of 24 needed. Katie=my Hero. Yes1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What does he mean when he says that to me? I used to wonder that a lot when I was in love with him. Don't get me wrong, I still love him, and I always will, just not the same as I used to.

Anyways, that's not why I decided to blog tonight. Basically LOLZ at lateness. So, I love how, like, people that I havn't known for very long and whom I really only know in a business environment don't realize that my affections last for only a very short while except in one case EVER, and that if I TELL someone I like them and they don't act QUICKLY, I'm not going to be interested anymore when he gets around to deciding to do something. LOLZ. I don't like him anymore, which should be apparent based on my last blog.

Anyways, I took my first two IB exams of the year today. The first was English HL paper 1 and the afternoon exam was Psychology HL paper 1. They were both alright. I know I passed them. Tomorrow I have Psychology papers 2 and 3 in the morning and history papers 1 and 2 in the afternoon. DAY O' HELL = tomorrow.

BUT, I look forward to Wednesday, despite the awful exams I have that day. And that is because on Wednesday I get to hang out with Enrique at the mall for, like, the first time in FOREVER. So, coolz.

Well, anyways...JACON IS ALMOST UPON US!!! My goal is 5 cosplays: Mireille Bouguet from Noir, (desert dawn) Cagalli Yula Athha from Gundam Seed, Penelope from Hamtaro, a Gaia cosplay, and Princess Tutu. I know I did Tutu 2 years ago, but it was crap and this one's gunna rock hard core, fo' sho'. But I doub't I'll end up actually doing Penelope. Oh well. I still have four others, plus kimono and skamky rave outfits things.

I guess that's all. Peace.
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a revelation and a question

Sometimes, in others' grief, you find a part of yourself that you thought was lost long ago. You think of things you thought you put behind you and you realize...things will not be the same, maybe they will never be the same, but...could it hurt to give it another try? When you realize that your immaturity ended something that could have made you truly happy, something that could have been so good...when you think of where you might be if you hadn't been so begin to wonder if you'll ever have another chance...

And when you realize you're ready to try...and there's a freedom to do so...even when your heart has been broken, no matter how many tears were shed in the always wonder...what would happen if he wanted to try again, too?

When you remember the love you held in your heart, for the very first time in your young life, and when you remember when your heart felt as if it would never again be whole...and you know that you no longer feel those trying again a good idea?

Yeah...yeah, I think it is. God, I hope you read this. It's been so many years...I don't know if you'll read this, and I know I'm being a pansy by not asking you directly, but...if you DO read you want to go out with me?
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Even though work yesterday was total shit, I have only one thing I want to say...

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hhmmmm...could anything come of it? Do I WANT it to? I mean, what woiuld be the point? He lives HERE. And in a couple months I'll be 3-4 hours away in MIAMI. Should I even bother? I mean, he's got connections there...that's where he's from...but, still... ::sigh:: ...I don't know...
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