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26 November 2006 @ 10:31 pm
So I got up kinda early and went to Best Buy. I got there around 8 (they open at 10) and got in line, around the 20ish 30ish mark (hard to tell, people kept shuffling between line and cars in the front). The guy in front of me claims to work at another Best Buy, and says that he knows how many they have (about 50), which bodes well for our place in line. They handed out tickets at 9, and I got number 31. After that I got to warm up in the car for a little before lining back up at 9:30 or so. They called people into the store by ticket number, I picked up Zelda and ExciteTruck, but they didn't have any extra controllers (boo!).

jadziadaxwb kicked my butt at bowling (twice!). </div>