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24 November 2006 @ 11:08 am
So I decided to get up early today and see if I could get a Wii at the EB Games in the little mall. The mall opened early, but EBGames opened at 7. I got up a little before six, took a shower, and took care of the dogs (and dragged the trash out to the curb). Got to the mall around 6:20ish. No one else is anywhere near the game store, so I just kind of hung out in front of it and fooled around on my DS until 7. Skinny Guy came and went into the store around quarter of, and unlocked the doors at 7. A couple of people have gathered at this point, and I walk up to the counter and ask about a Wii. Skinny Guy says they don't have any, but they might be getting some at some point today. Doesn't know when or how many, they'll just come on a UPS or Fedex truck. I thank him and leave, as I had to use the toilet quite badly at that point and the mall bathrooms are _disgusting_.

I went home, took a crap, and called a couple of places in Manchester (Toys'R'Us and Target didn't have them, didn't know when they'd be getting them). I tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn't working. Around eight I got back out of bed, got dressed and went back to the mall to wait for an hour or two in case they got their shipment.

There are now two guys behind the counter, Skinny Guy and Chunky Guy (probably some sort of manager/assistant manager type). Skinny Guy tells me that they 'found' [emphasis mine] some in the back, but are sold out again, and kind of half-way apologizes, since he knew I was waiting when they opened. Don't know when the shipment will come in. I hung out for a little over an hour before deciding to head home again. I went up to the counter one more time, just to check if Chunky Guy had a better idea of when a shipment might come in... he said it was doubtful they would get any more today. I went home.

I guess its too much to ask for a store to sell their merchandise at opening time. I should have braved the scary bathroom and waited around a little longer for Chunky Guy to show up. I blame Chunky Guy, and by extension all of retail management, for not telling Skinny Guy that they had some saved up in the back.
i'm disaster: kaylee at ur partywolfsavard on November 24th, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
If it makes you feel any better I didn't see any at Best Buy and I was there at 5 AM. (Which was 12 hours later than half the world though of course.) Good luck trying to find a Wii. I hear they're fun.