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Hyphenating has gone mostly well. One credit card company being stupid aside, the worst thing thats gone wrong so far is the insurance company.

I told Uconn that I changed my name.
I told Uconn that she changed her name.
Uconn told Anthem.
Anthem mailed me an insurance card with my new name on it.
Anthem mailed her an insurance card with her old name on it. So now she has two copies. I told Uconn, and they're working on straightening it out, and we just got the new one with the right name on it for her. Now we just have to tell the doctors and pharmacists, and the optometrist, and the opthamologist.... and probably the vet.

To make this tale even more delightful: Today, I got not one letter, but two letters from Anthem telling me that since my coverage had been terminated on both 07/01/06 and 08/01/06, would I like to buy individual coverage?

Silly bastards. *shrug* I know that even if Anthem thinks my coverage has lapsed, the people at the Benefits department at UConn will fixify it out, like they did last time when the insurance company didn't know I existed a month after my coverage was supposed to go into effect. That still doesn't make me any happier to have a statistically unlikely thing happen to me again.
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