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16 March 2006 @ 08:50 am
How many years of Law School did that take?  
In the tradition of Reporters without Borders, we present a new international aid organization for American barristers, with one of the inaugural members, Carla Martin. Ladies and Gentlemen: Lawyers without Morals (Avocats sans Morales)!

Let's see if I can work this out...
1) Judge tells the lawyers not to coach the witnesses.
2) Carla (a lawyer) coaches the witnesses.
3) Judge finds out that Carla coached the witnesses.
4) The lab results are back, it turns out that you test positive for the byproducts caused by stupidity.

NPR: showing you the bright side of someone else losing their job in a spectacular and public fashion since (I'm not sure when and I don't feel like looking it up).

Also, even if the DoJ gets what they want (in this case, the death penalty, which is not really the point of this post), it's going to get shot to hell on the appeal, because of this particular bit of monkey business.
Erik Amundsen: Snap! Muthafuckacucumberseed on March 16th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
First, let us not forget that they want to execute the man for something he technically didn't do. I see no problem with imprisoning him for not stopping it when he had the knowledge (assuming that telling the FBI would have stopped the whole thing from happening, to which I say bullshit. We knew all along and let it happen and probably took down the buildings ourselves /tinfoil hat), but I was brought up to believe you can't hang a man for trying, nor for standing by and letting his bestest booger buddies succeed.

The fact that this administration and its coven gets everything they want despite their incredible bungling really galls me. The guy is going to hang, no matter what, we should just stop with the pretense of justice and get our bloody satisfaction.
Your Message Here_mendon on March 17th, 2006 12:58 am (UTC)
New Theory: Carla actually wants to have him not be killed, and did it to purposefully mess DoJ's shit up. In which case, we may have to revoke her honorary membership to LwM.