Melissa (_melissa_) wrote,

Oh boy ::claps hands::

Tomorrow should be fun. Some people have first dates *coughandreacough*, and other lucky ones of us have.. exams.. Human Sex and Glory that was Greece, both in the same day. Kind of mean, eh? I think I'll be alright on Glory, I've got a study group coming tonight, but I'm worried about Human Sex. Guillette's exams are known to be tough. Yuck Yuck, YUCKKK.. I should go get Einstein's notes today. For both classes.

I watched Guiding Light for the first time in about 5 years. Richard died. Some kid is Reva's son, who Mara was falling for. Josh was mad at this kid. Cassie cut her hair. Tony and Danny beat up some people.

What happened to Alan? or Harley? or Michelle? Or Rick? Or Olivia?
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