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the quiet things that no one ever knows

17 December 1985
i'm megs. i'm quirky, passionate, and fun-loving. i live on a steady diet of coffee and sarcasm. i love baseball, fake hot dogs, apple pie, & cheverolet.
"i'd like that", 12-17-1985, 30 minute meals, acoustic guitar, adam brody, adult swim, alexis bledel, any given thursday, as/is, audrey hepburn, baseball, batman, battle studies, beauty and the beast, belle, biking, billy joel, books, boston red sox, brad paisley, brand new, bret boone, britney spears, cactus cooler, chocolate milk, christmas music, coffee, continuum, country boys, country music, crayola crayons, csi, dancing, dashboard confessional, diet coke, disney movies, doug, ellen degeneres, elton john, espn, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family guy, finding nemo, flamingos, flip flops, food network, fraggle rock, friends, futurama, george clooney, george eads, gilmore girls, glee, goldie hawn, gone with the wind, grace kelly, guitars, hairspray, heavier things, icons, inside wants out, jack johnson, janet evanovich, jcm, jeopardy, jimmy fallon, joe morelli, joel mchale, john mayer, john mayer trio, johnathan clayton mayer, kiwibox, lance armstrong, lipton raspberry iced tea, louise the flamingo, loving john mayer, luke danes, luke ridnour, major league baseball, mandy moore, martina mcbride, meg ryan, melrose place, michael ian black, michael moscovitz, milo ventimiglia, mxc, ny jets, old school nickelodeon, penguins, pink, pizza hut, polka dots, puzzles, queen, rachael ray, rascal flatts, reading, regis & kelly, relient k, rent, ricky martin, road trips, roller coasters, room for squares, safeco field, salute your shorts, saved by the bell, scott patterson, seattle mariners, seattle seahawks, seth cohen, shoes, snl, something corporate, south park, stephanie plum, tattoos, that 70s show, the beatles, the breakfast club, the oc, the princess bride, the princess diaries, the simpsons, tina fey, toe rings, tom hanks, topher grace, trent lane, try!, vegetarianism, veggie dogs, washington state university, wayne's world, wheel of fortune, wicked, writing