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Writer's Block: Grimm Question

What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?

I know they're not the most popular fairy tales but I've always loved Aschenputtel***, The Goose Girl, and The Six Swans****.

*** A gorier version of Cinderella in which Aschenputtel/Cinderella's wishes are granted by a tree growing on her mother's grave and some birds. My favourite part of the story was where the evil step-sisters mutilate their feet -- one cut off her toes, the other her heel -- in order to fit into the glass slipper and win the prince's hand. Their deceptions are unmasked when a bird alerts the prince by singing something like "There's blood in her shoe! This is not the bride for you!".

****Randomly, Juliet Marillier based Daughter of the Forest (which is a breathtakingly lovely story) on that fairy tale. One of my favourite fantasty stories.