Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

Tired, tired, tired. I am very tired. I should be sleeping or packing my stuff but instead I'm Facebooking and emailing...and now LJing. Well if I'm going to procrastinate via internets I might as well do it here too ;)

I'm an hour into my birthday in Melbourne time but an hour away from it in Osaka time. For some reason -- maybe it's the weird mood I'm in -- I find the time difference more amusing in this situation than it normally would be.

I was meant to be spending my birthday in transit to Nikko where I'd be spending a few days. But we had a day trip there recently and I've been there before/have seen most of what's around, so...I decided to be CRAZY PLAN CHANGING PERSON and head back to Tokyo instead. Those of you on my Facebook might have seen a cryptic post a few days ago about me doing something 'bad'. This is it.

I got a full refund for my Nikko accommodation and used it to book an old haunt in Ikebukuro (the Sunroute was slightly out of my price range *sigh*). So poor old Tokyo has to put up with me for another few days. Just when it thought it had gotten rid of me, eh?!

Okay. I'm really going to bed now. Really. I need to get up at butthurty hours of the morning to catch my train. And drag that monster suitcase around. Plus the netbook battery is bitching about power being low and I guess that's as good a sign as any, right?

I will make a more interesting post one day. Not tonight though...this much is clear!
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