Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

Bitching about work...

Sometimes I really hate how passive-aggressive people can be at work. I had Friday off (my RDO) and on that day -- I found out later -- Dennis from my team wasn't feeling well. He saw a first aid officer and was sent home.


I found this out because another TL wrote me an email, CCing my boss Ben in, saying...


"Can you please have a serious discussion with Dennis about his behaviour on Friday? He saw Liz (first aid) but didn't tell anybody he was going home sick."


It's the CCing the boss in that annoys me. So many people do it and it feels like such a...for lack of a better word...dibber-dobber-ish.


The only good thing is when the person writing the email has made a mistake -- as this person had -- I then get to have the fun of hitting "reply all", ensuring my boss is also CCed in on my AHAHA YOU ARE AN IDIOT WHO DOESN'T CHECK YOUR FACTS response.


Or in this case, the email where I politely pointed out that Dennis had done the right thing by seeing a first aider, but that it's the first aider's responsibility -- not Dennis's -- to notify management if Dennis is sent home. So, no, I won't be having that serious discussion.


Okay, okay, yes my response is probably just as passive-aggressive as what I've been complaining about but...I never send the original emails. Just the replies.


(I'm still guilty, I know. And...if this seems minor and not worth bitching about, this is just the most recent example. It happens ALL the time!)


Anyway...enough about work.


Someone really needs to post a concert report about the At the Night Side shows. My friend Chizuru went to one, but she's not on the comm, and concert reports on the comm are usually awesome to read.


Speaking of Chizuru...I asked her if she could get me a t-shirt and sent her some yen. She sent me an email yesterday saying she got one -- not sure which yet -- so I'll be stalking the postman in a few days time. Woohoo!


And...she dropped a bomb in the email too. She's planning a trip to Finland this year (she has friends from there -- also B-T fans, I think maybe she collects foreign fan friends at concerts lol -- and has spent a few years learning the language) and because of that, her boss said she can't have leave in September.




She said she'd like to give me her parade tickets. If I want them.


I haven't replied yet. FUCK. WHAT DO I EVEN...????!!!....I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!


I can't be a responsible grown-up adult where B-T are involved. I realised this when I got the email. But I tried to get past the mad flailing and think rationally and my options seem to be...




2: Say yes. Take the tickets. It would mean knocking a day off NY and flying to Japan instead of to Melb. It would also mean living on crackers and soup and never ever doing anything social ever again. Or at least for quite some time. Also Claire probably wouldn't be too happy with me :(


( could be done.)


3: See if she'd be willing to still give me the tickets if I can't go...but if I tell her I'll try to find someone who can take them (I was thinking a post on the comm, maybe?). But she may have other people in mind to offer them to if I say no.


To be honest my first thought was that if I can't use them I'd like someone on the comm to be able to. Okay I lied. My first thought consisted of flailing. But...after that...


I think option 3 is the more sensible one but my rational brain has been replaced by OMG OMG TICKETS!!!! Thankfully she won't expect an immediate reply so I have time to think. And talk myself into behaving like a rational sensible person.



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