Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

Oops. Didn't mean to let so much time pass between posts!

So what've I been up to?

Finally starting to learn Japanese. Very slowly, I should add. I've got most of the hiragana and katakana memorised -- though still have trouble remembering what they change to with those little dashes or circles on them! But every now and again I come across something that I can actually read (rare, but extremely exciting!). The thought of kanji is scaring me looks very daunting.

Work is still work. Not much going on there. My new boss -- since Jan -- is interviewing for the role. He's on secondment at the moment. I really hope he gets the job. He's lovely.

Claire and I finally -- after 2+ years of talking about it -- booked tickets to New York. We'll be there from Sept 8th - 21st. Then I head back to Melbourne and she flies on to London. I would've been heading to Japan then but didn't score tickets to the Fest shows in the lottery. I think it's better this way though as
a) more time to save and
b) hopefully more chance of meeting up with Jen and Lee <3

It's Comfest time again in Melbourne so I'm getting ready to go see Ross Noble tonight with Jess and her boyfriend (ahh third wheel? Maybe a little but I don't care!). My work social club had really cheap tickets! Yay! And tomorrow it's back into the city for two German film festival movies with a friend from TAFE. Thankfulky we have a public holiday on Wed this week -- ANZAC Day -- so I have chance to recover from this crazy social weekend!

And I'll try not to leave it another two months before my next post! ;)
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