Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

Hello again from Japan

Yep, this is trip number 2.

I think the apostrophe key on this keyboard has gone missing so excuse the lack of proper punctuation -- I practically went insane trying to find it and yet it is nowhere to be seen. WOE. It isnt even the usual "Oh its a Japanese keyboard" problem since Ive used those so many times lately that I know where it is. WEIRDNESS.

Anyway, I went to my third Buck-Tick concert (for this trip, my 4th in general) last night at Zepp Nagoya. I kind of wish I had spent more time in Nagoya. I basically caught a train in for the concert, stayed overnight, and then caught a train out the next morning (to Nara, where Im posting this from). It seemed like quite a nice place. The city looked lovely at night. Wish Id gotten some photos of it.

Buck-Tick were amazing. So much so that when I left the concert venue I was quite depressed as I realised I only have one more concert to go -- Osaka on March 12th -- and then thats it for my concert going. At least until they put out a new album and start touring again. Apparently my career as a team leader will shortly be replaced by one as a band following groupie. Sigh. But...Atsushi! And his crazy fashion sense. He was wearing leggings or tights at the Nagoya concert and some sort of knee length skirt/wrap thing that kept...err...opening up. I think he meant to do it that way cos he's such a big tease (OH MY GOD I FOUND THE APOSTROPHE KEY. NOW WHY IS IT ON A KEY THAT HAS A COLON, AN ASTERISK, AND A RANDOM JAPANESE SIGN, AND @NOT@ ON THE KEY THAT HAS AN APOSTROPHE ON IT?????? EXPLAIN THIS TO ME, PEOPLE!!!!!).

Anyway at the end of the night he whipped off the skirt Yes. Hello Mr Sakurai.

In hilarious news there is a JR SAKURAI line here in Nara. I am so tempted to go on it just for the hell of it.

Oh and for something that doesn't involve the I fed deer in Nara. Nara Park has masses of them and you can buy deer biscuits and feed them. A deer tried to eat the button on my cardigan. I used to think they were cute...still do a little...but god they were like rats on a corpse or something. Anytime anybody showed a hint of having a biscuit they swarmed!!!!!

When I get back from Japan -- I guess a few weeks after my return -- I will find out if I got the team leader job or not. To be honest right now I don't know how I feel about it. I think the new boss, Chris, sets such high standards and demands so much work that...the stress levels are much worse than I'm used to. It's a stressful job anyway but I only realised how stressed I'd been when he had to take two days off and...I went into work not feeling like I just wanted to run into the toilets and cry.

That makes it sound like I hate my job. But no. I love it. I just...everyone is struggling under Chris. I just think I feel it more because the others already have perm jobs and I could end up going back on the phones any second.

Sigh. I wish I could stay here in Japan. I don't want to go home. I was thinking that last night when I was walking back from the concert. The big problem though is that I'd miss my friends. And also that I don't think I could get a job here. Stupid stupid not having a university degree! See, this is what dropping out has cost me! God that's just depressing.

On that note...bye for now!
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