Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

I'm not entirely sure what random burst of insanity made me decide that heading back to Japan for three weeks would be a good idea. Or that the best time to do this would be barely two months after Christmas (and my last trip), giving me zero time to save up.

I will end up selling my body to lonely Japanese businessmen to survive. I can see it now :(

Food isn't essential, is it? I'm sure I can eat my suitcase if need be. It's a big suitcase! I'll just carry my clothes around in a plastic bag. And probably mutter to myself like a crazy person too!

Thankfully, Chris -- the new boss-man -- extended my secondment until April 1st. I'm ignoring the fact that the choice of extension date utterly reeks of sadism (oh I just know they're going to torment me with it) and instead choosing to focus on the facts that
a) I will be getting paid more money until then
b) Chris let me spin him around in his chair the other day, has given me a Russian name, and calls one of the guys in my team -- who has been causing a lot of problems -- "that asshole!" (not to his face, of course).

All in all, he seems like a pretty good guy. Fun. But I mustn't forget that he's actually assessing my every move and on April 1st will be the one to tell me if I can continue as a team leader or if I have to go back on the phones.

I've been doing this since June so going back on the phones would suck.

More proof I've been offline for too long. I came on here to get Buck-Tick's single. The Kizuche-or-whatever-the-hell-it's-called one. But none of the places I used to go seem to be uploading songs now. AUGH! But...I really want it! In the worst Veruca Salt "I want it now!" kind of way.

Poo. I'll have to try and find it when I go back but...I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOWWWWW!

Why, yes, this post is a bit pointless. Thanks for noticing :P

[Edit] It's called Kuchizuke. Now why is it hiding from me? :(
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