Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

Hello from Japan!

Sadly I'm at the tail end of my two week holiday -- only three more days till I fly back to Australia -- and I don't want to leave.

Tokyo was the loveliest place on the planet. I've also been to Nikko and Kyoto. Tomorrow it's time for Osaka and my first ever Buck-Tick concert.

I wish I posted here more often. I fail at posting I think :(

Other than this holiday thing everything is good. I've been an acting team leader at work since June this year and looking after the same team since July. My secondment ends at the end of this year so...who knows after that but at least it's been great experience. I had to fire my first person last month. Crazy. She's still on my Facebook and she even hugged me afterwards. WEIRDNESS!!!!

Hope you're all well and having a most awesome Christmas-ish time of year or holiday season (if you're not a Christmassy type).
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