Steph (_megalomania_) wrote,

Woke up feeling kind of crapful and headachy this morning so I decided to call in sick. I know I don't have the best work ethic but...I generally don't do this terribly often. Usually I'll drag myself out of bed and before I know it I'm sitting at my desk taking calls from stupid people***.

Not today though. Today I slept lots, woke up this afternoon feeling better (though with a strange desire to tidy up -- clearly my brain has been eaten by all the caffeinated drinks I've been having, as such a thing would NEVER normally happen) and decided to watch some Life on Mars. I'm currently loling over the scene at the beginning of episode two (series one) where they're all running around in scary seventies speedos trying to catch some guy. HILARIOUS. Oh John Simm! How do you manage to be so sexy in that outfit? <3333333

Had a pretty good week last week. Might dotpoint it for quicker reading...

* Dinner with Jess on Thursday. Yay! Something we must do more often <3

* Dinner with Nicole on Friday. Again, something that must be done more often <3

* Saw Avenue Q on Friday night with Nicole, Liz, Mel Mc and a few others. It was the most AWESOME THING EVER!!! And I am now dying to see it again. Managed to restrain myself at the merchandise stall -- only bought a program and some badges. YAY!

* Met up with Claire and Sam on Saturday for lunch at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Saw Angels & Demons. Ewan McGregor was quite sexy in that priestly getup. Yum!

* Went to Gisborne to stay with Jess on Saturday night. We had a DVD night and watched Big (is it wrong that Tom Hanks is actually kind of cute in this? OH GOD!), Outbreak (lol, perfect timing for this one given the swine flu thing) and The Skulls (which had nothing at all to do with a mutual desire to perve on Joshua Jackson -- OH STOP JUDGING MEEEE!). T'was lovely to see Jess and spend so much time with her. But, of course, I'm totally blaming her for all the junk we ate! Yes, that's right! Her fault! :P

In work news...I won two movie vouchers in a silly Vibe**** competition. And I got a $25 Coles/Myer voucher for making the Top Ten call centre employee list for April. This time I was number 3 *insert "We're number THREE! We're number THREE!" lame chant here*. No idea what I'll spend that wealth of riches on but, hey, it's nice to be recognised :)

And now I think I'll go back to Life on Mars (and my creepy Ann Rule true crime book -- If You Really Loved Me -- where this evil father manipulated his fourteen-year-old daughter into killing her stepmother so he could get the insurance money. Ugh. Why are people so...blech sometimes? Poor kid.). Hope everyone's having a good Monday so far. Or at least a not too horrible and crappy one *squishes to all*

[Edit] A nice Life on Mars icon seemed appropriate :)

*** Like this one I've been amusing/boring people with all weekend...

Me: I just need your health care card number now.
WTFDude: *reels off long list of numbers followed by what MIGHT be a C*
[For those who don't know, health care card numbers have a letter at the end]
Me: So was that *long list of numbers* and then C? Like, C for Charlie?
WTFDude: No! No Charlie! Is Amir! (Or whatever his name was)
Me: No. I just mean the letter at the end of your health care that letter the letter C. C. Like C for Charlie?
Me: Uh... *headdesks repeatedly*
(I just decided to assume it's C. It sounded most like that. But the guy's heavy accent made it quite hard to tell)

****Vibe is like the group that plans all our activities, competitions, prizes, wall decoration-y things, fundraising things. I'm not quite sure what you'd call them. I just think of them as the YAY GO TEAM! AREN'T WE ALL AWESOME AND SUPER HAPPY! people. Bit disturbing really but they have some good ideas.
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