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Subtle Plans Are Here Again
The world's not going to take over itself...
March 15th, 2013 
10:52 pm(no subject)

Well I was having a reasonably decent day today...


...until somebody tried to hack my email account. Given that this would've been on flight itinerary information and concert printouts that were in my stolen backpack...I doubt this is coincidental.




I feel like they've just robbed me all over again. It's bad enough that I can barely sleep, and barely want to leave my house because I'm so worried they'll return...now this? It's like whenever I start to relax or feel remotely safe/okay something else happens. I realise they've taken something else...or this happens.


The account they're trying to get into is where my Paypal info goes. If they get in...they'd probably have access to my bank account (since it's linked to Paypal). I'm on the way home from work so will contact the bank tonight, but ...that was the ONE account I thought was safe.




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