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I'm just posting to let you all know where things stand...

I called Cherry this afternoon.

It's over.

She and I are no longer friends or...well...anything at all.

This wasn't what I wanted. Far from it. Cherry and I both tried to fix things but it wasn't working. And some things just can't be fixed, no matter how much you wish they could. So I asked her to tell me bluntly whether or not we should continue. She told me she thought that we should say goodbye. So we have.

My apologies for the defriending I'm about to do. I have asked Cherry to explain to you both but I really wanted to say something in here too. You're both wonderful people and I really care about you both's just too hard. I can't be around you both now that Cherry and I are no longer friends. I'm so sorry. I wish you both all the best.
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