alert alert.
I,Megan Renee Haney cut my nails
about 40 minues ago. Kailey is very
very proud of me. I do not have claws now.
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guess what guys,i got some interesting news.
i am hideous and i cannot get a boyfriend.
i will never be in a serious relationship.
because im ugly and annoying.
when im 40 and if anthony and i are not
married we are just going to marry eachother.
cause we're cool.we sing the single jinmgle together.
:] hmmm...yeah.
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I have not updated in a long time.:/ I keep forgetting,with moving and everything. I like mynew place,i guess. It loks like an old people place...kind of boring. But it's CLEAN and I'm zoned for St.Cloud so I will be able to be with my best friend KAILEY. Yay. I will no longer have to go to school hearing "heyyy white girl! MEDA! MEDAAAAA!" :]. Not thats theres anything wrong with that...haha. Kailey and I are watching "Jaws:Revenge",what a good movie. Jaws 3 was on before that.When I was little I thought thos emovies were SO scary. Now I watch it and laugh. It's so fak!! I just got my cable interenet and Tv overe at my new house. My intetrnet kept going out earlier. It's okay now...I think. Kailey and I got in trouble the other night,so we cant do anythign for a week. And Im not allowed to go to PI for a I guess I wil have to find soemthing else to do on thee weekends. Which will be very difficult..seeing how I live in a HELL HOLE. :]Well,I'm going to focus on this REALLY GOOD movie.

Goodbye for now.
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    Jaws theme song. :]


it's friday,you know what that means? one more day until me and kailey get our hair done. we're both very excited. but i still dont know what ind of hair cut im gonna get. =[ kailey already knows for sure what she is getting,hers is super cute. godddd.

oh,and when i see alex he's going to strip for me.
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