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Oh, and in other news...

So my mother (since the sites in question told her they couldn't guarantee shipping by Giftmas) had two of my gifts sent to me at my apartment. When I called to ask whether I should bring them home unopened with me tomorrow for her to wrap and put under the tree, she said that wasn't worth the trouble with, and I should just open them then, while on the phone with her. So I did.

I now have my very own copy of Michael Dirr's A Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, which is basically the landscape architect's tree- and shrub- reference.

And I also am now the proud owner of a good book and a Hard Cheese Starter Kit from www.cheesemaking.com. komos, that means once I find appropriate milk, I'll let you (and whoever else is interested) know. From what I'm told, though, making beer or other yeasties on the same day as cheese is not the best of ideas.

Trees and Cheese. Who could ask for more?
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