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No longer too busy to think

I've finally (nearly) finished the chessboard I've been making (almost entirely with hand tools, with the exception of one bit that needed a dremel routering) for Rachel for Holidays. All that's left to do is a bit of wood putty in the gaps (needs to be bought tomorrow), and a coat or more of varnish/stain. I may let her pick whether it wants a darker stain, or clear varnish, since that may not (practically speaking) get done by tomorrow night to be wrappable.

Squares of cherry and black walnut, set into a pale basswood frame with a 1/4" brass inlay strip around the border.

It's come out quite well, and now that it's done (LJ-update managed to eat my midway progress post a few days back), I'm rather happy with it.

Birthday goal: Chess pieces. =)

- Meej
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