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(Dusting off the ol' LJ, since it's the easiest way to reach some of y'all. Probably should've done this a while ago.)

So, for those of you that haven't heard, Rachel and I just bought a house in Somerville! We closed yesterday (Nov. 9th), but we need to do a bunch of painting and other sundry things (like finishing packing) before we actually move.

The move is planned for Saturday, Nov. 18th, and we're looking for as much help as we can get - the more hands, the better. We're buying pizza and we expect to have refreshing beverages both alcoholic and nonalcoholic on hand, as well, for when we finish up. To that end, any and all volunteers are *greatly* appreciated. (We're relatively set in terms of large vehicles, thanks to relatives, but if anyone wants to offer one up in addition to themselves, that's all fine and dandy too!)

If you're able and interested in giving a hand, drop me an email or a phone call or a whatever; details to be sorted out shortly.

And if anyone's keen on helping paint over this weekend - Nov. 10th-12th - or possibly over the week, that'd be helpful too, but what we really need are folks to help with the move.

Last but not least, we look forward to having folks over in the new place shortly after we move!

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