D.J. (_meej_) wrote,

Bachelor Party Plans!

Bachelor Party Plans! This Sunday (6/26)!

Very last minute, but at least they exist. LJ seemed like a good way to reach a number of people en masse relatively quickly, as this has sort of just come together and my brother (who's planned much of this) didn't have contact info for my local friends.

I'd love to get a chance to see anyone and everyone that can manage to make it, though I suppose it being a bachelor party that mainly applies only to the gents, unfortunately.

Apologies for the short notice; better late than never, right?

1:45ish Sunday - Gather in Davis Square, grab lunch. Most likely culprit for food is Mike's Pizza.
2:30 to 4:00 - Candlepin Bowling at Sacco's Bowlhaven in Davis. at 4, set off by T.
(5:00-6:45 - Blue Man Group show at the Charles Playhouse. Unfortunately, this was planned early before the fact that I wanted a bigger group was clear; we don't have extra seats for it. Plus it's pricy. But feel free to join us before and/or after.)

Then the big highlights:

We've reserved the 7:20 "show" of The TOMB near Kenmore Sq. for the Chagnon Bachelor Party, and they can accomodate quite a few more of us. It's an interactive Indiana-Jonesish puzzle-solving thing that looks like a TON of fun. Come join in if you can make it! I suggest arriving about 7:00.

At about 8 when it lets out, we're headed for dinner in the area. Current candidate is Boston Beer Works, though if someone else has a better suggestion for around Kenmore I'm open to suggestions.

Hope to see numerous people out for it! It's been a while.

(Oh, and for those who weren't aware, somehow... I'm getting married in, oh, 16 days. o_o)

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