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Year-end fic roundup meme

This version was taken from awanderingbard.

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Oh, and while I'm at it: I had my wallpapers and artsy things under a tag called "I made this" but I changed it recently to "art by me" to go with the "fic by me" tag, because donutsweeper mentioned that she'd had some trouble finding it. I was in a silly mood when I made the first tag and never thought I'd use it again anyway. Um. Shows what I know. *g*
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fan3 by matsujo9

Writing question

Because of a discussion going on at fandom_me's journal HERE, now I'm all curious.

hellenebright made this comment about how she writes, and said:

I think, to answer your question, that what I do is see something and then describe it in words. A lot of people visualise scenes but then have trouble writing them down, others say they 'hear' people speaking either dialogue or telling the story. What I have in my head is almost a running description of what I can see, so when the visualisation and the words don't match, I notice it.

She's good at action scenes, and says she has trouble with dialogue.

What I get is more along the lines of running commentary of what's going on in people's heads. Plot and action are hard for me. Er. As you can tell, if you've read anything I've written. But I can tell you what's going on in their minds!

So my question is this, please, writers: what do you see or hear in your head when you write? And, bonus question if you're so inclined: what's hard for you to write and what's easy?