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Supernatural, House, ST:TOS, and a partridge in a pear tree

I'm avoiding thinking about real-life stuff (minor, aggravating, and time-limited) so I've been watching all kinds of stuff.

Thanks to amireal, who wrote "Where Did All the Physics Go?" awhile back, I've been re-watching old Trek episodes. Leonard McCoy centered ones, which unfortunately are mostly in the dreaded 3rd season. Still, a certain amount of cheesiness is fun. Anyway, one big reason I am fond of classic Trek is the whole Kirk, Spock, & McCoy dynamic. Put the slashes where you will, the friendship is fun. The ep I just watched is the one of extremely long title where McCoy is dying of some incurable disease and Kirk's the only one who knows. The trio get zapped by the Oracle on an asteroid that's really a spaceship (the details are totally unimportant here, just go with it) and McCoy is very slow to regain consciousness. Spock's trying to figure out why, not that he's concerned or anything (right) and Kirk tells him about McCoy's illness. McCoy finally wakes up and makes some kind of joke, and Spock helps him sit up and then keeps his hand on his shoulder, holding him up. The helping him up part doesn't ping McCoy's radar, but then he looks down at Spock's hand when he doesn't move it after a few seconds, and then he gives Kirk a total death glare because he gets it--he knows Jim told Spock. It's a scene of less than 30 seconds, probably, but it shows both Spock's concern and how very well McCoy knows both Kirk and Spock.

So, returning to the 21st century, Supernatural and House (spoilers, in case you couldn't guess):

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PS--Back to a show that aired before I was born: I'm starting to think the Man from U.N.C.L.E. slashers are hallucinating. I've seen several eps now, and Napoleon and Ilya are hardly ever even in the same *room!* When they are, though, they do banter nicely, but still. Maybe I haven't seen the right eps yet.
fan3 by matsujo9

Uhm. Star Trek TOS

OK, so I just started reading something that seems to be an SGA-Star Trek crossover and realized that I miss Leonard McCoy like *crazy*. I had to actually stop reading and write this post when he showed up in the story, because I'm all Yay! Dr. McCoy! and can't concentrate. Yes, I realize what a geek I am. I accepted my geekitude long ago. I watched the old series (in reruns, thank you) when I was in junior high, and I still could probably come up with more episode titles for that then Babylon 5, and that's saying something. My B5 love knows no bounds, folks, but there's no obsession like an early fandom, is there?

Heh. I probably got my love of buddy-snark from Spock and McCoy, now that I think of it.

I know I got my first Mary Sue from classic Trek. I was eleven! You're allowed to write Mary Sue stories when you're eleven! (Thankfully all the evidence has been destroyed.)
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