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Many thanks!

Kind of literally. Thanks so much to everybody who wished me happy birthday--yes, that was over a week ago. I'm sorry it's taken this long! I swear I look up and days (sometimes weeks) have somehow gone by. Special thanks to maubast for the Birthday Lemur (I love lemurs and just typing "birthday lemur" makes me happy) and to matsujo9 for the adorable bear. Also, I don't think I ever publicly thanked donutsweeper for the Baby Nelson.

People also made me wonderful birthday art, which I'll link to Collapse )

One day I will get used to my new (rapidly becoming not-new) schedule. Right? I'm really looking forward to the day when I'm not too tired to put sentences together by the time I get home. I miss you all!
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So, some time back, donutsweeper and I were discussing what might be on Torchwood's bulletin board. I told her if she'd write the stuff, I'd make the bulletin board, and we collaborated to make this (just keep clicking, it gets bigger):


And some kind soul nominated us for a Children of Time award, and other kind souls voted for us, and we won! We has a shiny banner:

Children of Time Award

So thank you, to everyone who voted, and especially thank you to my co-conspirator, who did a fantastic job writing the stuff pinned to the board!
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Journal header 2.0

The lovely and wonderful matsujo9 has done it again! She decided I needed a wider banner for my journal, and made me an expanded header that is SO Doctor and Donna. I adore it to pieces (pixels?) and I adore her, too.
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fan3 by matsujo9


Eeee! *bounces* matsujo9 made me art for my birthday! (OK, so technically, my birthday's tomorrow, but it's my birthday in some part of the world, and I made puppy eyes at her until she went ahead and gave it to me. It's my birthday eve. That counts.)

Collapse )

Thank you thank you thank you, Karen! ...Now I need to figure out how to put it in my LJ layout. *plots*

ETA: donutsweeper wrote me hilarious Torchwood fic. It's Alphabet Soup, and I'm still giggling over it. Thank you so much, Jen!!
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The best kind of crazy

So. Torchwood fandom is being exceptionally batshit, but my f-list is awesome. (See icon. We are sane crazy around here.)

The icon was made by the wonderful matsujo9, and now we get to the point of this post: She made me an awesome Photoshop tutorial HERE. I'm not sure which is more awesome: the tutorial itself or the artwork she made as an example. They are equally squee-worthy! So go look. The artwork is Redux-verse, Yana/Jack. She said she thought that if the subject was near and dear to my heart, that it'd make things easier, and she was so right.
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Firefox is shiny.

I finally decided to try Firefox (yeah, I know, 'bout time) and...dude. There are livejournal extensions for it where it'll tell you when your friends page updates, let you unfold the comments, set styles to yours, get to all your friends' journals easily, all kinds of toys with one click. Also control the various media players from it. And there are zillions of other extensions I haven't looked at yet.

So, folks who use Firefox: are there extensions that you use that you love, and if so, what? There are so many. Also lots of themes. Anybody know where there might be geeky scifi type themes for it?

It imported everything from IE 7 ridiculously easily. The only downside so far is that I don't like the font it uses on LJ profile pages. I'm sure there's a way to change that, I just haven't found it yet. ::runs off to keep fiddling with the shiny::
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