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Vid recs?

So. Has anybody made the definitive Eleventh Doctor vid yet? For the Tenth, there are two, as far as I'm concerned: fan_eunice's Moons of Jupiter and flummery's Handlebars. The first for sheer joy (and the Doctor/TARDIS OTP part in the middle) and the second for the darker parts of Ten.

It seems like I've mostly seen good companion vids for Eleven, though. And now that I"m looking for links to them, I can't find them. "The one about wolves" is not too helpful as a search, is it? There was one I liked to Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine," too. But those are more Amy (or Amy and Rory, in the case of the wolf one) vids.

I must have missed some good ones. Anybody have recs?
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I almost forgot how to do this.

It's been so long since I posted to LJ, I almost forgot how. *facepalm* My life lately has been all too much whining about being tired and being awful about responding to email and tags. Things are going fine, though, just busy--and I keep losing track of time.

I'm posting today, though, because it's rustydog's day to post her wonderful story The Essence of Zhivka to tw_bigbang. I was so excited to get to make art for her! The story has some of my favorite OCs ever, and all her Torchwood characters are fantastic, but I adore her Owen in particular. I warned her that it would take me a while to read it, and then read it all in one sitting and wondered how it could POSSIBLY be over 20,000 words. Just a lovely story, with something akin to a magic realism feel about it. A science fiction fairy tale, if you will.

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Doctor Who and Torchwood recs I've been meaning to make.

This is everything I wanted to say about the last part of The End of Time, Part 2: http://jackaholic.livejournal.com/39864.html (Meta)

This is the Jack/Eleven story I didn't know I needed: Make All Things New, by trobadora

Torchwood silliness by sam_storyteller: The Justice League of Cardiff is a Stupid Name. Come on, you know you always wanted Jack to meet Batman.

Really adorable GiF-spam of Matt Smith as Eleven and as himself: http://community.livejournal.com/doctoreleven/100140.html
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Randomness and fic rec

Just read a fic that I didn't know I needed, but I did. Iron Man movieverse/X-Men movieverse, X3 fix-it, Tony Stark and Scott Summers. It's the kind of h/c that I want to write when I grow up, in that Tony helps Scott after the events of X3 without being blatant about it. It's System Restore, by inlovewithnight

Here, have a snippet, where Tony is talking about "fixing" Scott's eyes:

It must be tied in to the nervous system, right? We run some scans, figure out which nerve it is, and then I'll go in and..."


Tony shrugs cheerfully. "Inhibit it."

Scott turns back to the closet, shaking his head in disbelief. "Stay away from me."

"Hey, come on. I had open-heart surgery in a cave. Twice. We'd at least do your brain surgery in the kitchen."


"Okay, okay, the lab. God, you're picky."

In other news, I have my apartment to myself again after having Donna here for a few days (and Denise, Dena, Michaela and Donna here on Saturday) and so I'm enjoying the quiet. Let me just say, Donna+Michaela+cooking = me wanting to pull my hair out. Heh. It stayed mostly funny, though, and I didn't actually strangle anybody, so that's all right.
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Doctor Who recs

Have a few Doctor Who recs! Two Jack and Nine, and one Simm!Master, Collapse )

I know there are other things I wanted to say while I was here. And other things I wanted to rec. But that will have to do for now. *goes to gather scattered brain-bits*
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Meme, and vid recs.

Taken most recently from skipthedemon. This is the "Omnivore's Hundred" as compiled by Very Good Taste.

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment at www.verygoodtaste.co.uk linking to your results. (You can also go here to find links to explanations of the less-identifiable foods).

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Also, three Doctor Who vid recs. I love this part of VVC, when it's over and people post their vids. So. Much. Awesome.

cherryice made What We Had, which is Martha, Jack, and Mickey-centric, and will break your heart for them a little. Oh, Ten, you do need a good shaking sometimes. Something occurred to me while watching this. It's not the ones the Doctor loves best who get better. There's meta in my head somewhere about that, but it hasn't settled yet.

flummery made Handlebars, which is Ten-centric, fun and bouncy right up until it gets scary. As it should be. It's probably the best I've seen for getting at all sides of Ten.

fan_eunice made the perfect cracky-but-earnest Doctor/Master vid Never Loved a Man (The Way that I Love You). It makes me very happy, and I'm so glad jackiekjono won that auction. *g*
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Remus/Sirius recs

Nobody writes Remus/Sirius like penknife, and she's written two lovely Marauder-era ones, both achy and sweet and awkward and wonderful.

The first is Glass Houses, 2700 words, PG-rated, Remus isn't jealous of Sirius and James. Really. Much.

The second is Cooler than Frogs, 4000ish words, PG, Seven secrets Sirius Black has learned about Remus Lupin. Have a snippet:

"It's brilliant," Sirius said with all the pent-up enthusiasm of weeks of not being able to talk about it. "We have an actual werewolf in our dorm. You have no idea how cool that makes us."

Remus looked at him like he was trying not to smile but not quite succeeding. "The frogs were already pretty cool."

"This is cooler than frogs," Sirius said passionately, and that did make Remus smile.
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Redux-verse Rec!

So, becky_writing did the Timestamp meme, and jadesfire (bless her) asked for three days after Decision. The result is Careful Manipulation, 650 brilliant words of Jack and the Master metaphorically circling one another. I could move into this universe, I swear. *happy sigh*

Becky also wrote Homecoming, a follow up to Glass and Water. Lovely, lovely Jack/Five.
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calapine's written a gorgeous Donna and Ten piece, here: Metronome

It's set after Planet of the Ood and does contain spoilers for the episode. It's their relationship, lovely and right. Here's my second-favorite line: "He looks the sort of thoughtful Donna’s learned to recognise as how much of the truth can I get away with?"