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So Biz sent me the Firefly DVDs for my birthday, saying that she was so sure I'd love them she just bought me my own copy. Traci also insisted I'd love them. And just like that, I have a new obsession. Haven't ventured into the fanfic waters yet, as I'm still re-watching the canon. WHY THE HELL DID THIS SHOW ONLY RUN ONE SEASON? And yeah, I'm hardly the first to ask that question.

I was hooked in the first fifteen minutes when Wash was playing with his toy dinosaurs on the flight console. I love Wash, and he and Zoe are adorable together, even when they're arguing. Mal is one of those jaded idealist types I love. Because, deep down? Not half as jaded as they pretend. Kaylee is adorable and I want to kiss her on the nose and buy her ice cream. I also want her to have giggly fun sex with Inara so she'll quit mooning over that brat of a doctor. Jayne is...Jayne and high on the list of characters who crack me up but I'm glad I don't have to put up with them in real life. (Bester and Granny Weatherwax are on the list, to name a couple off the top of my head.) The preacher...has a past and now we'll never know what it was. Unless it's in the movie. River is creepy prophetic goodness.

I'm sure there will be more obsessing when I'm more awake. For now, I'm just gonna say that I'm on the Firefly bandwagon, as usual waaay behind everybody else.
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