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Never has this icon been more appropriate.

So, Wednesday night/Thursday morning I had WAY too much coffee at stupid o'clock and then another cup when I got up after, well, obviously, not sleeping much and had that 'impending panic attack' feeling for hours. Unpleasant.

Today my brain is mush. And by mush I mean vague, random and...vague. I apologize in advance to anybody I might inflict myself on today. It's as if someone took the Doctor, let's say Ten, and gave him something extremely tranquilizing and somewhat mind-altering and then tried to have a conversation with him. It would go something like, "Blue! Shoebox!" Random lazy babble about, oh, I dunno, sheep. And so on. And on.

Caffeine overdose+none after than cup yesterday morning+resuming normal levels today possibly = giant impending migraine. Which would explain the mush. I am so my own worst enemy this week, I swear. *builds blanket fort and hides* Feel free to join me in my blanket fort if you don't mind being randomed at. It's a nice blanket fort. It has purple octopi. Named Dave.