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I almost forgot how to do this.

It's been so long since I posted to LJ, I almost forgot how. *facepalm* My life lately has been all too much whining about being tired and being awful about responding to email and tags. Things are going fine, though, just busy--and I keep losing track of time.

I'm posting today, though, because it's rustydog's day to post her wonderful story The Essence of Zhivka to tw_bigbang. I was so excited to get to make art for her! The story has some of my favorite OCs ever, and all her Torchwood characters are fantastic, but I adore her Owen in particular. I warned her that it would take me a while to read it, and then read it all in one sitting and wondered how it could POSSIBLY be over 20,000 words. Just a lovely story, with something akin to a magic realism feel about it. A science fiction fairy tale, if you will.

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So, some time back, donutsweeper and I were discussing what might be on Torchwood's bulletin board. I told her if she'd write the stuff, I'd make the bulletin board, and we collaborated to make this (just keep clicking, it gets bigger):


And some kind soul nominated us for a Children of Time award, and other kind souls voted for us, and we won! We has a shiny banner:

Children of Time Award

So thank you, to everyone who voted, and especially thank you to my co-conspirator, who did a fantastic job writing the stuff pinned to the board!
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Art Round-Up Kind of Thing

I have been making artsy things, but I haven't posted any of them here, so now you get them all at once. Here are some RP banners I made for Whoville folks, and some random Master-y icons I made for practice. If anyone wants any of the icons, you're more than welcome to them. Also, as always, concrit welcomed and appreciated. Especially since the 100x100 squares usually just mock me.

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Art round-up

I just realized that I never posted the Ten and Martha wallpaper I made a while back. The lyrics are from Dar Williams' "It's a War in There."

And while I'm at it, I'm posting the banner I made for Yana's RP journal. If anybody wants them, feel free to snag. The wallpaper's 1024x768, but if you want another size, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to fix you up.

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Playing with photoshop again (aka procrastination)

dvswraatins suggested that maybe some Doctor/Master art might inspire her, and I realized I hadn't played with the quarry scene yet. The combination led to this:

Here's an Old School one, just because I noticed that the Master ends up in the Doctor's TARDIS a lot. Sometimes to steal things, but hey.

Both are 1024x768; as always, if anybody happens to want another size, that's easily done.
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Art for Donutsweeper's SGA/TW fic

This is for donutsweeper's wonderful Charming the Pants off the Pashahads, in which Captain Jack Harkness (literally) drops in on the Pegasus Galaxy. The story's as awesome as it sounds, and although it's downright hilarious, it's got moments that got me right in the gut, too. And apparently, there's not a species that's been discovered yet that's immune to the Captain's charms.

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