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I almost forgot how to do this.

It's been so long since I posted to LJ, I almost forgot how. *facepalm* My life lately has been all too much whining about being tired and being awful about responding to email and tags. Things are going fine, though, just busy--and I keep losing track of time.

I'm posting today, though, because it's rustydog's day to post her wonderful story The Essence of Zhivka to tw_bigbang. I was so excited to get to make art for her! The story has some of my favorite OCs ever, and all her Torchwood characters are fantastic, but I adore her Owen in particular. I warned her that it would take me a while to read it, and then read it all in one sitting and wondered how it could POSSIBLY be over 20,000 words. Just a lovely story, with something akin to a magic realism feel about it. A science fiction fairy tale, if you will.

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Many thanks!

Kind of literally. Thanks so much to everybody who wished me happy birthday--yes, that was over a week ago. I'm sorry it's taken this long! I swear I look up and days (sometimes weeks) have somehow gone by. Special thanks to maubast for the Birthday Lemur (I love lemurs and just typing "birthday lemur" makes me happy) and to matsujo9 for the adorable bear. Also, I don't think I ever publicly thanked donutsweeper for the Baby Nelson.

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One day I will get used to my new (rapidly becoming not-new) schedule. Right? I'm really looking forward to the day when I'm not too tired to put sentences together by the time I get home. I miss you all!
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The State of the Me

First off, HUGE thanks to donutsweeper, who is lovely and sweet and who sent me flowers! Why did she send me flowers? I have a new job. Full-time with benefits ( good health insurance for the YAY) and working with people I worked with years ago and like. They took me out to lunch today to celebrate. My official start date is Monday, WOOT.

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Thank you!

Awww, thank you to whichever kind anonymous person sent me the bear hug for my profile page. It was much appreciated!
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Doctor Who and Torchwood recs I've been meaning to make.

This is everything I wanted to say about the last part of The End of Time, Part 2: (Meta)

This is the Jack/Eleven story I didn't know I needed: Make All Things New, by trobadora

Torchwood silliness by sam_storyteller: The Justice League of Cardiff is a Stupid Name. Come on, you know you always wanted Jack to meet Batman.

Really adorable GiF-spam of Matt Smith as Eleven and as himself:
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Thank you!

I am in a ridiculously good mood today. And I think there were a bunch of things I was going to say next time I posted to LJ, but I can't remember them right now, so I just wanted to say THANK YOU to maubast and whichever kind anonymous person gave me snowflake cookies. With virtual edible ball bearings, even!

Let's kitten news, Denise took Patches home right after Thanksgiving, and Sophie's been purring up a storm ever since. I know some cats purr when they're stressed, but um. I don't think that's the case here. Annie, of course, purrs if you look at her, much less pet her.

In fandom news, is it Christmas yet? I still haven't watched "Waters of Mars," but I have seen the previews for the Christmas eps of Doctor Who, and. Yeah. Bring that on, please.

ETA: A big THANK YOU to matsujo9, too!
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