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I've been downloading textures like mad lately, and this is the Giant Post of Resource Crediting, aka where-did-I-get-these-again? Many of these came from photoshopextras, which is not only a nifty comm, they actually have useful tags.

Large Textures:

Gorgeous fractals by vanessa_16 HERE. Her website is http://flyinghigh.through-my-eyes.org/

Amazing textures here: http://insteadofwords.deviantart.com/art/Texture-Set-4-77660630

Random grunge textures by tove_91 HERE.

Random textures by kiho_chan HERE.

Cloud-and-sky textures at world_dreams HERE.

Wallpaper textures by spiritcoda at http://shivika.net

Grunge textures: http://yoh-unlah.deviantart.com/art/Textures-Pack-75306827

Paper textures by choke at omnigenus

Floral textures HERE at theharkness

Icon-sized textures:

Icon textures by worship_elle HERE.

Random icon textures by kiho_chan HERE.

Icon textures by melodea at oiwai, HERE.

Icon textures by daynawashere at gosh_darn_icons HERE.

Light textures from http://call-it-desperation.org/textures.php

Light textures by stripped_s0cks HERE.

Notebook textures by acidicicons HERE.

Gorgeous light textures by unwritten_icons HERE.
Tags: art resources


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