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SGA 3x17, "Sunday"

Woe. Woe and pathetic sniffling. I knew this was coming, but I didn't want it to. (And let us not even mention exploding tumors, OK? Thank you.) Martin Gero, I hate you. Well, not really, but I shall pout at you for a while anyway. This was supposed to be a fluffy bunny story about what people do on their off days! I was waiting for this one! And yeah, good character moments, but I am most unhappy that the way we got to see John in his dress uniform for the first time was at Carson's funeral. I couldn't appreciate it properly. Bah. All right, much like Serenity, I shall try to forget that one part and report on the stuff I enjoyed:

1. Ronon. Hee -- he totally made up that game on the spot, didn't he? Has he called John by his first name before?

2. Teyla's crush on some unnamed Marine continues. (It's totally Reletti from miss_porcupine's stories, I swear.) John said it was a marine in "McKay and Mrs. Miller" or I'd be hoping it was Lorne.

3. Speaking of which, Lorne's an artist in his spare time. Way cool.

4. Radek's a chess wizard. I bet Rodney quit playing him way back in season one because he could never beat him. Thank you, Martin Gero, for not killing Zelenka.

5. I liked Katie Brown in this one. "Duet" was just painful to watch, but here, Rodney's got it a bit more together (well, except for the marriage thing) and Katie's really sweet, and I think I've been on dates like that myself. It was cute.

6. Rodney in his bathrobe, berating people. Berating people, if you noticed, for doing something that could get them killed. That seemed to be the real source of his anger, rather than annoyance at the stupidity of everyone around him. Which is very believable. Rodney's seen a lot of scientists die, and sent Collins into the room where he died. And now he feels responsible for Carson's death. Oh, DH and your ability to choke up on cue. No wonder people can't resist writing woobie Rodney.

7. John in uniform. I think I've mentioned that before, but still. :)

8. John's casual, "Or a man," when he's talking to Ronon about dating. And John's been married? Way to drop a bombshell and give us NO INFORMATION. I'm voting for the married-young-because-it-was-expected and divorced shortly thereafter thing.

I'm fine with Rodney telling dream-ghost-Ascended-whatever Carson that he's the closest thing he had to a best friend, because they have known each other for a long time, he did confide in Carson from time to time, and the thing he has with John is different. (I'm not tallking slash here, either, although I enjoy the slash.) I don't know how to expain it, but I don't think it diminishes his relationship with John. I liked the shared glance with John over the coffin.

Zelenka and Lorne are still alive, so I'm trying to call it a win, but still, Martin, why'd ya have to go and do that? Especially that way, with the Plot Device We Shall Not Mention?
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