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SGA 3.11 The Return, Part II

Let me just squee a bit over the new SGA episode. OK, that was fun. I've just read wychwood's review, and like her I thought there were some missed opportunities but mostly it was just entertaining. Rodney was so very awesome. He can lie if he has to! In a moment of weakness, I signed up to write about Rodney on idol_reflection (I'd already written about John and it seemed sad that Rodney didn't have an entry) and I'd resolved to stick to eps aired in the US, but I really want to talk about this episode in my essay. Jack and Woolsey were great. "I've been here with you the whole tme. What makes you think I have more information?"

I had more to say, but I'm tired and now the cat's fallen asleep on my arm and he's too cute to disturb. Yes, I know that's pathetic. More tomorrow, maybe.
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