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Random fannishness

I'm feeling kind of random tonight, and avoiding work, so I might as well start with
SGA: Phantoms
Whoa. That was quite a ride, wasn't it? I mean, OK, generally predictable, but still--watching John and Ronon hunt each other was pretty intense, as well as John's Afghanistan experience. John really has no sense of direction, does he? Ouch. He's gotta wonder if the guy would've made it if they'd gone the right way. Carson's going to have nightmares over this. I love that Rodney figured out that he was hallucinating. I liked that in Grace Under Pressure, too. John shot him! chevron17 points out, here, that Teyla shoved the gun aside. I had to re-watch, but she sure did. Rodney owes her big-time, and so does John. You know, I don't much care for fics where John's angsting over killing Genii, but at some point it's going to hit him that he almost shot Rodney in the heart, and I wouldn't mind fic about that. Not overly emotional fic, but just...John dealing with it in an understated way, and apologizing without actually saying it, but Rodney understands what he means. "I'm sorry for shooting EVERYBODY," was pretty funny, though. And Ronon should smile more, because he is beyond adorable when he does.

House: Cane and Able
Well. I guess I won't stake Wilson to an anthill just yet. He redeemed himself a tiny bit with the comment about House's wings melting. Went straight to what accidentally killing a patient would do to House. House should still make him pay, of course, but being friends with House is often its own punishment, so things should work out. I wonder if Cuddy actually is pregnant, and if so, is the baby Wilson's, and is Cuddy regretting that at all right now. If she's pregnant at all. Cameron is annoying wven when she's right. I loved Chase in this one. "No, you idiot! It's titanium!" Poor geek-boy Chase. Anyway, Season 3 is off to a good start.

In other news, I watched the second disc of Hikaru no Go, and just where is the AU crossover with Saiyuki where Kimihiro Tsutsui and Tetsuo Kaga are Hakkai and Goyjo's sons, and Hikaru is, I dunno, Goku's. Akira Toya could be Kougaji and Yaone's son...Hee--or maybe Akira's the reincarnation of Sanzo. I know, I know, put the anime down and back away slowly.

I finally got around to getting a paid account, and now I can have cool SGA mood themes, and banners, and stuff like that. And more icons. 'Course, no telling how long it'll take me to get around to fixing up my journal...But I could, if I wanted to.
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