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SciFi Friday and random anime

This has been the weekend of stargates and random anime so far. Not a bad way to recover from the week, eh?

SG-1 first, 'cause I only have a couple of things to say: I adore the scene where poor Cam is trying to explain to Vala who she is, who he is, and about who is an alien and who is not. Poor guy just knows she's never going to buy it and that he's digging himself in deeper with every word. And then his team found him handcuffed to the bed, without his pants...poor Cam cannot win, can he? Also loved all the bits with Daniel: the "date," his determination that she was alive, and of course him convincing her to trust him in the end. And Cam called Vala "our girl," which was for some reason a warm and fuzzy moment for me.

SGA: McKay and Mrs. Miller

Kate Hewlett can come back any time. I adored her. "We're in a war." "Did you start it?" Hee! All the sibling bickering was great fun. Thank you, David Hewlett, for thinking ahead as far back as Hot Zone. Zelenka got lots to do, which is always a bonus. John trying to help patch up Rodney and Jeannie's relationship was nice, too. And in the "David Hewlett, how are you so awesome," category, Rod vs. Rodney was done very well. I loved the bit about John and "Rod" drawing straws and Rod won.

I need fic from a third alternate universe with our John and that Rodney flipping coins over who gets to do cool dangerous stuff. And racing puddlejumpers, and generally doing unwise things. Well, different kinds of unwise things from our John and Rodney. It's not a universe I'd want to live in, because I like our Rodney and the way he interacts with John, but it'd be fun to visit.

I was very happy about the team scene at the end, because the team bonding with "Rod," was kind of uncomfortable to watch. I have no problem with Jeannie telling embarrassing childhood stories to his team, because it would be hard for them to resist trying to find out what Rodney was like as a kid and trying to get blackmail material on him, in a joking way. That seemed to be more about Rodney whereas the bonding with "Rod" seemed too much like leaving Rodney out to go play with the new cool kid.

Hee--I gotta admit I got a giggle about the "Meredith" thing. Because sometimes I am five.

In non-stargate news, LJ folks have gotten me watching yet more anime. First Weiss Kreuz, then Saiyuki (and I've read the Saiyuki manga, too), and now Hikaru no Go, GetBackers, and Fruits Basket.

I'm not sure how you make an entertaining anime about Go, but Hikaru no Go grew on me by about the third episode. GetBackers is fun, and as slashy as advertized, really, and Fruits Basket is entertaining and...oddly creepifying. A little. I don't think it's meant to be, and I can't quite put my finger on why, but it is. The fact that they can erase people's memories, maybe? Maybe I just don't think anybody can be as relentlessly perky as the main character is without some form of mind control. *g* Maybe it's just how isolated the family is, I dunno. It's funny, too, but it's not as fluffy as I think it's intended to be. The next discs of all three are currently at the top of my Netflix queue. ::is hopeless::

I haven't watched House yet. Maybe I'll go remedy that.
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