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SGA: Common Ground

Whew--what a week. I was too tired last night to put my thoughts together, although I did manage to watch the episode. Twice. :)

I love the Genii episodes, and I'm really fond of the "enemies having to work together to survive" cliche, so this is just going to be a lot of happy flailing, really. Let me try to put it into list form:

Reasons to Love This Episode

1. Kolya! I decided I liked Kolya early on in The Storm when he first hears that John's killed two of his people. He reacts as a man who's lost people he cares about, not as a cartoon villain does when his plans aren't working out. These are his hand-picked, personally trained strike force, and he warned Cowan that they weren't ready. Later on, there's some sort of cartoon-villain posturing, but I think that's understandable, given that one guy has managed to take out his people and keep him from taking Atlantis. It's got to make him angry that people who've never had to deal with the Wraith before, and in fact woke the Wraith, have Atlantis. Not that I want Kolya to win, you understand, it's just that I like it when bad guys have an actual motive that makes sense. Plus, he's amused by McKay, which gets him points in my book.

2. The harpoon thing, grappling hooks, whatever that was. Neat, and seemed nicely people-not-of-Earth-designed. Also the Wraith-proof gloves -- manacles -- things.

3. John. John, John, John. Kolya brings out the deadly in John, doesn't he? Plus, John gets to be all defiant (and tied up -- didn't I read this fanfic?) and brave and scared but not about to show it. Plus, KNIVES. And knowing his friends will come for him, and talking the Wraith into cooperating, and keeping his word. Sheppard's my favorite, I admit it freely, and I have a fondness for Shep-whumping, too, so there was no bad here.

4. Rodney. From his "What have you done to him?" to the bit about John actually looking younger, I loved Rodney in this. Including the mouse bit, and I will tell you why: I'm fine with Rodney being a total spaz with a gun because he is so very competent in other areas. And because he's brave when he needs to be, and because there was never any question that he would go on this mission. Also, the Marines should not have left him alone. "We've wasted two and a half hours. And a mouse." David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?

5. The Wraith. Laughing about John saying that Kolya liked him better, calling John by name, waving the gun around...and of course, GIVING JOHN HIS LIFE BACK. (Yeah, yeah, I knew it was going to happen, but still.) Look, just see seperis' review, here for a neat take on that moment, as well as other cool stuff.

6. Ronon's "We have other options." Ronon making that little noise and bolting when they watch the Wraith feed.

If Lorne and Zelenka had been in it, it might have been perfect. Lorne! Come back! Those other shows' fans won't love you the way we do!
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