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New York City folks! grey_bard has found this lovely little cat (spayed female, about 8 months old, very very tame and friendly) who needs a home. The post with more details is HERE. She really seems like a sweetheart.
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The blanket fort is open.

I had dental work done on Friday. My jaw still hates me. Collapse )

So, the blanket fort is open for anybody who needs it. There is ice cream, and chocolate pudding. If you want anything crunchier than that, you'll have to bring your own. *g*
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Vid recs?

So. Has anybody made the definitive Eleventh Doctor vid yet? For the Tenth, there are two, as far as I'm concerned: fan_eunice's Moons of Jupiter and flummery's Handlebars. The first for sheer joy (and the Doctor/TARDIS OTP part in the middle) and the second for the darker parts of Ten.

It seems like I've mostly seen good companion vids for Eleven, though. And now that I"m looking for links to them, I can't find them. "The one about wolves" is not too helpful as a search, is it? There was one I liked to Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine," too. But those are more Amy (or Amy and Rory, in the case of the wolf one) vids.

I must have missed some good ones. Anybody have recs?
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Well. It's been quite some time since I've posted here. (Not that I've posted anywhere else, either!) The nudge was appreciated, guardian_chaos, even though it was three almost four weeks ago when you sent it. *facepalm* I've been sort of keeping up with my flist, but have been awful about commenting. When I get out of the habit, it's hard to start again. If I don't comment on people's serious problems, I feel bad commenting on the fluffier posts. Even though, if it's my journal, I'm always happy to hear from people about whatever. Probably I just need to get over myself and comment when the mood strikes. Because once I'm in the habit of it, it's easier to comment in general. What do you think? Is it annoying to get random comments from people you haven't heard from in a while when they didn't comment when you were struggling? Do you even pay attention to stuff like that?

Here are some places I've been while I haven't been here:

Lots of people on my Twitter feed seem to be following this tumblr: Unfuck Your Habitat, which is pretty darn motivational for getting things done. I find that I haven't been doing the 20/10 sort of things from that (work on something for 20 minutes, take a break for 10, repeat as necessary) but I think it has shifted my attitude toward "fix that thing that's bothering you NOW," which is helpful.

I love this blog: The Fat Nutritionist. I've linked here to the first post of hers that I read, but really, I'm ridiculously fond of her attitude in general.

I think that if 2012 has a theme for me, it's this: follow your instincts. At almost 42 years old, I think it's finally sinking in, and I think it works more often than it doesn't. Or at least, I find that I'm more unhappy when I don't follow my instincts and I turn out to have been right than when I do follow them and it turns out I was wrong. ...That sentence makes sense in my head.

...This kind of sounds like I'm getting it all together in the cleaning, food, and attitude department, and I'm very much not. (As anyone who was subjected to an email rant about my week last week knows all too well.) But I feel like I'm headed in a good direction, at least. What have y'all been up to?
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Quotes about writers and reading

I've just recently (well, since last March, about) started reading for fun again and I have missed it. Just finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and wanted to write down two quotes from it, one about writers and one about reading:

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It's nice to know that the future of female geekdom in this town is secure. I tested a 16-year old today who is a HUGE Doctor Who fan. It was awesome. She says a lot of her friends from school watch it, too. It's an all-female private high school. (They're apparently very fond of Harry Potter as well.)

Just in case you're dying to know, her favorite Doctor is Ten, but she says Eleven is growing on her. *g*
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Well, that's my beautiful boy, my cat Sidney, gone. I had to take him to the vet today to be put to sleep.

Sid, in happier, and sassier, times:
Sid in cat tree

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