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My beloved mp3 player (a Sansa SanDisk m250) is on its last legs, sigh. I'd been thinking I needed to replace a lot of my rechargeable batteries, as it was suddenly turning off occasionally (I figured the batteries were losing their efficiency), but it happened several times on the way home tonight with a regular battery fresh out of the package. :(

So, I'm now on the hunt for a new one (and relatively soon, since I use it everyday), and looking for suggestions if anyone has any. I do have some requirements though:

- iTunes is eeeeeeevil
- the player must have a radio
- I'd reeeaaaallly prefer it if it takes regular batteries rather than the ones you can't replace- I'm horrible for remembering to recharge things, and frankly, I prefer to use regular rechargeable batteries
- I really don't care for video abilities, or other weird features- I want a music player, not a video player (yeah, yeah, I know that's tough- I got laughed at a year or so ago when I asked for just a phone when buying a new cellphone; I have yet to figure out anything other than the camera on it)
- be relatively durable- I try not to subject it to much, but I definitely don't want a player I have to baby just to keep it from breaking
- size of storage must be at least 2GB, but it doesn't have to be any higher than that
- no proprietary software if at all possible (again, iTunes is evil- I refuse to use a resource hogging program on my computer, nor have my legally purchased music have weird restrictions on it, nor to be tracked via programming coding in them; the players are also overpriced in my opinion- my player had a radio in it long before ipods ever got them)

Now, I did find out that there is a vendor (and a well-rated one at that) which is selling my exact model (which you can't find anymore in stores) on Amazon for $40 new. I am very much leaning towards just ordering it, but figured I'd see if anyone can suggest anything other than that.

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