Medb (_medb_) wrote,

One of those memes going around. nicolaa5 is responsible for these questions. If you'd like your own five questions, respond with Resistance is Futile.

1. What one piece of clothing that we know existed in the Middle Ages but don't have any examples of would you get most excited about were one unearthed somewhere?

Darn, you had to say a piece of clothing! ;) Hmmm, there are tons of items that I'd squeal like a child at Christmas over, but I think I'd have to go with one of those crazy Irish 'air-filter' hats. I'd love to find out if they really were made of that much linen, and if the theories on its construction are correct.

2. If someone gave you an all-expenses scholarship to learn X (and X can be anything, from something academic to how to repair drains to how to play the accordian), what would you pick?

Oooo, another good one! I figure if I ever won the lottery and didn't have to work, I'd probably end up taking classes the rest of my life. ;) It might be influenced by the shows I was watching last night on tv, but I think I'd have to go with historical cooking, both the practical and academic sides. If I had to narrow it down more, I'd want to specifically learn about the various 'cookbooks', especially Medieval and Renaissance- I find the later ones especially fascinating as they often include various lectures for women in them. :) It's kind of funny that I'd choose that, since I really don't cook all that much (or as little as possible), but that's mainly because there are so many other things that take up my time, so cooking tends to fall further down on the list. I actually like creating things, and I think I've been drawn to looking at subtleties in the past few years because I like to do the extra artistic tweaking that those dishes require. I'd never try to actually cook an SCA feast, but I always think that doing a neat subtlety for the head table at Feast of the Bear would be awesome (so many other kingdoms do it for their large events); unfortunately, things are usually finalized so late in the process that I never have time to truly develop something to suggest (at least in sugarpaste anyway).

3. When you were in grade 1, what did you want to be when you grew up?

It's no surprise, but I went through phases of being super interested in historical eras, though all were to do with history- at one point I was interested in Native American history, at another point, it was Egypt, etc. I think around that age it was either something related to one of those topics, or possibly a paleontologist (though that might have come a bit later on)

4. What is the last piece of music you listened to?

My mp3 player flipped to the next song when I went to check and it's on random so I can't flip back to the previous one. I THINK it was an Our Lady Peace song, probably "Life"

5. Do you find the SCA more or less political than office life? How so?

Hmmm, tough to choose I'd say. I'd have to go with office life, primarily for the fact that it fills most of one's week. That said, I think that political stuff happens within every large group, whether intended or not. For the latter, it's usually the natural cliques that can form within larger groups which can eventually intimidate or leave out others. That example isn't so bad, but it's when it becomes entrenched and solidified that the problems occur- I've seen people (mostly in work life, but some in the SCA as well- it's not quite as noticeable usually) intentionally block the actions of others simply because they want to have all the attention (i.e., by letting the others appear to fail). I figure it's a common thing in all large groups, so although I do try to keep away from such practices, I also am aware that it's not something that will ever completely go away.
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