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Squee! Got an answer from the ROM!!!! :> I guess flattery does get you somewhere- I had mentioned that I loved the fact that the gallery was open, and I'd also added at the end that I felt the ROM is actually better than the Met in terms of how the textiles are displayed (which is true- I was surprised when I went at how few were being displayed, and having a separate gallery dedicated to textiles at the ROM has been absolutely wonderful).
One of the curators sent me a high res detail of the cover (I am soooo going to have fun blowing it up- it looks to be as good as the V&A), plus she told me how to find it in the online image collection, which has other photos. No clue how I didn't find the cover in the online source- I've tried looking for the darn thing before and didn't find it! :> :> :> *happy dance!!*

PS- apparently the needlework section will be rotated soon, and will be ready in late January with new stuff.
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