December 12th, 2003


Wow, three hours goes by fast! It was really great being able to talk to Rob again, though it reminds me how much I miss him and how long the next few months will be until he comes for a visit in April. It's also going to drive me a bit nuts to wait to hear what his plans are for the summer- it's great to hear that he may be able to go to England, though it would be nice to know whether it'll be for only part (in which case he'll probably take the course at U of T), or the whole summer (I wonder if he'll be able to go to Pennsic then?).

It's way too far away to worry about though (that and hearing where he gets into school is much more important in the long run, no matter what happens between now and then; yeah, still find it hard to believe he likes being with me- it's amazing how much that experience with Richard lowered my self esteem in terms of dating)


Today at work was good (or at the retreat I should say)- we got to update everyone on what's been happening and I'm impressed at how much everyone has done in the past year with the amount of staff we have. We also got to bring up stuff that was bugging us and plan for the future (that and we got to go home early ;)
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