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My beloved mp3 player (a Sansa SanDisk m250) is on its last legs, sigh. I'd been thinking I needed to replace a lot of my rechargeable batteries, as it was suddenly turning off occasionally (I figured the batteries were losing their efficiency), but it happened several times on the way home tonight with a regular battery fresh out of the package. :(

So, I'm now on the hunt for a new one (and relatively soon, since I use it everyday), and looking for suggestions if anyone has any. I do have some requirements though:

- iTunes is eeeeeeevil
- the player must have a radio
- I'd reeeaaaallly prefer it if it takes regular batteries rather than the ones you can't replace- I'm horrible for remembering to recharge things, and frankly, I prefer to use regular rechargeable batteries
- I really don't care for video abilities, or other weird features- I want a music player, not a video player (yeah, yeah, I know that's tough- I got laughed at a year or so ago when I asked for just a phone when buying a new cellphone; I have yet to figure out anything other than the camera on it)
- be relatively durable- I try not to subject it to much, but I definitely don't want a player I have to baby just to keep it from breaking
- size of storage must be at least 2GB, but it doesn't have to be any higher than that
- no proprietary software if at all possible (again, iTunes is evil- I refuse to use a resource hogging program on my computer, nor have my legally purchased music have weird restrictions on it, nor to be tracked via programming coding in them; the players are also overpriced in my opinion- my player had a radio in it long before ipods ever got them)

Now, I did find out that there is a vendor (and a well-rated one at that) which is selling my exact model (which you can't find anymore in stores) on Amazon for $40 new. I am very much leaning towards just ordering it, but figured I'd see if anyone can suggest anything other than that.
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One of those memes going around. nicolaa5 is responsible for these questions. If you'd like your own five questions, respond with Resistance is Futile.

1. What one piece of clothing that we know existed in the Middle Ages but don't have any examples of would you get most excited about were one unearthed somewhere?

Darn, you had to say a piece of clothing! ;) Hmmm, there are tons of items that I'd squeal like a child at Christmas over, but I think I'd have to go with one of those crazy Irish 'air-filter' hats. I'd love to find out if they really were made of that much linen, and if the theories on its construction are correct.

2. If someone gave you an all-expenses scholarship to learn X (and X can be anything, from something academic to how to repair drains to how to play the accordian), what would you pick?

Oooo, another good one! I figure if I ever won the lottery and didn't have to work, I'd probably end up taking classes the rest of my life. ;) It might be influenced by the shows I was watching last night on tv, but I think I'd have to go with historical cooking, both the practical and academic sides. If I had to narrow it down more, I'd want to specifically learn about the various 'cookbooks', especially Medieval and Renaissance- I find the later ones especially fascinating as they often include various lectures for women in them. :) It's kind of funny that I'd choose that, since I really don't cook all that much (or as little as possible), but that's mainly because there are so many other things that take up my time, so cooking tends to fall further down on the list. I actually like creating things, and I think I've been drawn to looking at subtleties in the past few years because I like to do the extra artistic tweaking that those dishes require. I'd never try to actually cook an SCA feast, but I always think that doing a neat subtlety for the head table at Feast of the Bear would be awesome (so many other kingdoms do it for their large events); unfortunately, things are usually finalized so late in the process that I never have time to truly develop something to suggest (at least in sugarpaste anyway).

3. When you were in grade 1, what did you want to be when you grew up?

It's no surprise, but I went through phases of being super interested in historical eras, though all were to do with history- at one point I was interested in Native American history, at another point, it was Egypt, etc. I think around that age it was either something related to one of those topics, or possibly a paleontologist (though that might have come a bit later on)

4. What is the last piece of music you listened to?

My mp3 player flipped to the next song when I went to check and it's on random so I can't flip back to the previous one. I THINK it was an Our Lady Peace song, probably "Life"

5. Do you find the SCA more or less political than office life? How so?

Hmmm, tough to choose I'd say. I'd have to go with office life, primarily for the fact that it fills most of one's week. That said, I think that political stuff happens within every large group, whether intended or not. For the latter, it's usually the natural cliques that can form within larger groups which can eventually intimidate or leave out others. That example isn't so bad, but it's when it becomes entrenched and solidified that the problems occur- I've seen people (mostly in work life, but some in the SCA as well- it's not quite as noticeable usually) intentionally block the actions of others simply because they want to have all the attention (i.e., by letting the others appear to fail). I figure it's a common thing in all large groups, so although I do try to keep away from such practices, I also am aware that it's not something that will ever completely go away.

Any idea what this plant is?

I adopted the plant on the right after a coworker left, but no one has any clue as to what it is (and neither did the coworker). It didn't do much on her desk, but since I've had it it's grown several inches or more. It's a bit difficult to see, but on a couple of the branch joints there are little fuzzy bits. The leaves are thick and kind of waxy- I get the impression of a jade plant, but as far as I know it's not that. Any suggestions as to what it is are welcome. :)

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Squee! Got an answer from the ROM!!!! :> I guess flattery does get you somewhere- I had mentioned that I loved the fact that the gallery was open, and I'd also added at the end that I felt the ROM is actually better than the Met in terms of how the textiles are displayed (which is true- I was surprised when I went at how few were being displayed, and having a separate gallery dedicated to textiles at the ROM has been absolutely wonderful).
One of the curators sent me a high res detail of the cover (I am soooo going to have fun blowing it up- it looks to be as good as the V&A), plus she told me how to find it in the online image collection, which has other photos. No clue how I didn't find the cover in the online source- I've tried looking for the darn thing before and didn't find it! :> :> :> *happy dance!!*

PS- apparently the needlework section will be rotated soon, and will be ready in late January with new stuff.
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Finally got the website pretty much transferred over to tripod- I had a few problems with weird fonts (or not doing what I wanted it to do), and I need to do some cleaning up, but it's at least there (I'd hate to lose the info, since I keep track of what activities I do on there, in terms of volunteering): http://medbingendungaile.tripod.com/

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Oooooo! New Heather Dale CD! Okay, technically two, since she's rereleasing her dance cd, but I still have my old copy of that one somewhere. It's called The Green Knight- apparently it's going back to her SCA roots with an Arthurian theme; I'm not complaining since it's got a version of Come and Be Welcome on it, which I really liked from the Kitchen Party cd. :)
I'm thinking I'll probably end up downloading the brand new one rather than waiting to find it for sale at an event- looks like I'd better get some more blank cds so I can play it in the car (I have a live album I have yet to burn as well). This should be a good addition for the drives up to the cottage and down to Pennsic this summer. ;)

For the gardeners

Anyone know what flower this is?

I used it for my slips class the last time I taught it but I can't remember what it's called (and have no idea where I found the image- it's not in my Dover herbal, darn it). I'd like to use it again, but figure having a name for it would be a good idea. It's a blue flower, if that helps.


Thanks to Nicolaa perusing the Two Ravens site, I can post pictures of the items I made for Tsivia's vigil (I do have pics, but they're still on the camera at home):


Unfortunately, the photographer didn't push together the 3d one completely (if you did so, you could barely tell it was a decapitated pig), and the second pic is of the trencher that broke at some point during the day (Tsivia talked about sacrificing one at the post rev to eat anyway, so if she did, they probably used that one); she had three in total, so I expect at least one of them made it home in one piece.

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This was too good not to share- we're in the middle of heart month, where each department competes with activities to raise money. IT hosted a pizza lunch and this is the advertisement they sent out this morning. ;)

At first, **** refused to drink our pop, so we made his computer operate intermittently.
Next, **** refused to by our pizza, so we gave him a slate and piece of chalk and took his computer entirely away.
Finally, **** complained about the resolution of his chalk and slate, so we took those away and gave him stone and a chisel….
…but the chisel was dull and **** was forced to craft his own paper with papyrus reeds and use his own blood as ink.

The advice here…eat the pizza, even if you don’t like it. Your computer will love you for it.