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hello there my lovely Live journL CRAZIES :-) kk well im sitting here eating pretzels. yea. oh mann today was kindaa fun.

so today my mom went to millie's with her co-workers on the miracle mile. yes. so while she was there i was walking up & dont the mile going in liek MaxMara & Prada & dolce & gabanna & DIOR (<3) and OMG BETSEY JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! and liek A&F realizing that these kind of places really bring out my innner bitch. i got kinda pissed off cuz i had liek 30 bucks and realized this si no place for me. hehe. so then i went to roosevelt field mall & shopped around a little. hehehehehee. hmm. ok tell me if u think this is funny...


  1.  picture a dinosour egg
  2. Now pictureit slightly cracking
  3. now picture my itty bitty tiny head pop out looking all cute & happy//suprized
  4. now think about it some more
  5. HAHAHAHAHA HOW FUCKKING FUNNY IS THAT?? lol i think its so funny!!




right so anyway.uhh. im bored. im starting to get kinda----used to this whole live journal thing. hmmmm. well i liek my livejournal. i think its pretty fucking cool. heheh.


OMG when i was in the mall this lady came up to me & goes "hi, um would you personally be interested in any modeling or acting?" i go " YESS!!!" and then she gives me her card and i give her my #.   um....woah?!!






     i dunno why but i honestly dont liek armor for sleep. i think they suck major ass actually.

I wrote this to maya: our future... hey maya... you know, when were older and turn 16 were ganna be high school drop out sluts who wake up at 5 : 00 am on the first day of school, hopp on a bus and let it take us wherever, as long as its far...reall far. thats ganna be me & you. and were ganna bring mad lippgloss, and when we get to wherever were goin well go on mad copping sprees & get pop tarts & lots of good conditioner. hehe. and well load up on Dinomyte. then were ganna steal some casstte tapes & make our first addition to our clothing line DINOmyte. were ganna open a little shop & then rob a bank so we can have enoug money to make ppl make the clothes how we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAH! then were ganna sell it and become so famous we will take oprah & bill gates and fukkin shove em out the window!! and well stay out late lookin liek whores at burger kind everynight, dolly, and at the times we need eachother well always be there for eachother, to cheer eachother up...no matter what. k? and well never have to deal with the parentals again. haha sound sweet?? chyeaaa I love you Best friends f o r e v e r <3 Jaymeekinss

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